Imagine if McDonald didn’t have a logo or a defined color palette? He would probably get lost among the other Fast Food establishments early on, Montenegro Email List missing out on the opportunity to stand out and win the hearts (and stomachs) of people around the world. As noted, no one exists without an identity, and the same works for brands. The visual identity leads to the recognition and value of a brand : the greater the presence of elements in someone’s life, the Montenegro Email List greater will be the feeling of proximity and even need in relation to the products or services offered. Over time, that identity will gain a space saved in the consumer’s brain, transforming the choice process (favorable to the brand) into something Montenegro Email List practically automatic. Think of the brands you buy from without thinking twice.


They have probably worked extremely hard for years on building a good and efficient visual identity. Subjectively, the visual identity is responsible for generating a Montenegro Email List strong feeling of identification, trust, belonging and engagement in relation to brands. Want a better way to grow and generate sales? Visual identity, branding and branding: what are your main differences? The concepts of visual identity, Montenegro Email List branding and branding can be confusing. As much as they are within the same spectrum, their meanings are not similar and it is very important to be able to differentiate one concept from another. The brand (or brand, in English) of a company is basically its logo . It is possible to break the word and use it Montenegro Email List with other meanings, we even did it in this post when defining a brand as a company, for example, but in the design world, we are talking about the logo.

Montenegro Email List

A business logo is the visual representation of who it is and how it wants to position itself in the Montenegro Email List market. There are more traditional, modern, bold or conservative logos, and believe me, all the variations present in them say a lot about the company in question. But the branding is the word that defines a whole strategy and management that goes beyond the logo and visual identity. It is the Montenegro Email List entire process of developing the strategy, planning and creating concepts about who the company is, how it positions itself, how it sees the world and how it wants to talk to customers: very similar to what we talk about visual identity . However, branding goes far beyond graphic issues. Without a well-defined branding, it is not possible to create an identity, as it is the brand that Montenegro Email List dictates the premises of the brand, that is, it defines the essence that will be unfolded in visual content.

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