Enough to sign up for them, at least not in the marketing space. However, I could easily subscribe to a food blog if they offer a printable shopping list and a printout of a complicated recipe… (just to give you an idea why these can be of great value) 5. Cheat Sheets, Workbooks, and White Papers (PDF) A cheat sheet is something that is much more than just a blog post, but it is still not an e-book. It will give you a step-by-step plan to do something. Since it is more than just a simple blog post, you will need some time to collect and put all the information together in a handy plan if you want to get the information without signing up. A Cheatsheet often directly solves a problem and therefore presents a lot of value. A cheat sheet should be easy enough for an expert in that particular field to create.

For example, we have a Twitter marketing cheat sheet in our resource library. The cheat sheet was created as a quick how-to guide for a customer to get their Twitter account on the road to success. And the Twitter cheat sheet has been one of our best conversion magnets for our Twitter traffic. Here’s an example landing page for our guest blogging cheat sheet: 6. ebook The difference between a cheat sheet and an e-book can be a bit blurry. I would say an ebook is a bit longer and often you will have to put more design work into the ebook than into a cheat sheet. Don’t be intimidated by the word “book”. An ebook does not necessarily have to be a book of several hundred pages.

We’re Not Talking About A Novel

For example, Social Triggers offers an ebook on how to get more subscribers as a lead magnet: In terms of content and value, a cheat sheet and an ebook go in the same direction, although an ebook can also be a collection of tools, tips, or a case study. 7. Email course or even video course An email course is a series of tips on a topic that you email over a couple of days. The advantage Portugal whatsapp number list  of an email course is that it does not require a lot of editing or design. Often a text-based email will do the trick. A video course is another matter – videos always take more effort to create. The similarity between the two is that both types of courses can be emailed over a couple of days. We’ve used an introductory social media email marketing course as a lead magnet in the past, and had great results.

Portugal whatsapp number list

Webinars Webinars can be used at various steps in the sales process. But you can also use a webinar to get leads on your email list. As a lead magnet, a webinar often doesn’t bring you the most subscribers for the simple reason that a webinar requires a lot of commitment from the new subscriber in the form of at least 60 minutes of your time. That’s why webinars are often best used later in your sales funnel to convert leads into customers. However, if you have a few business contacts who would be interest in co-hosting a webinar, you could attract a ton of new subscribers from your co-host’s audience; In this way, webinars can be a valuable tool to increase your subscribers.

Toolbox Or Resource Library

If you’ve already created a couple of lead magnets, you can offer them in a resource library. This way, you can offer a ton of value for a signup. Many bloggers use a library of resources; Melyssa Griffin is an example. A resource library often shows high conversion rates, but it takes some time to put together. When you’re starting out, you’ll often get start with a lead magnet much faster.  If you pick ONE lead magnet first, and then a second and third. You can put the feedback and results you get from the first lead magnet into the next one you create. As one of the first steps on your journey to success, you need to implement a lead capture system on your website. Lead magnets will help you capture more leads and grow your email list with interested subscribers. Opting for singular lead magnets also allows you to learn more about the real pain points of your audience as you get direct feedback for ONE piece of content.

However, if you already have a couple of giveaways that you created in the past. A resource library can easily be the main magnet.  That will skyrocket your subscriber numbers. As it can offer a ton of value in one place. And if a library of resources seems like too much to start with. You can easily consider putting together a set of tools. Which is basically a set of a couple of useful resources on a topic. But you won’t need as much content as you would for a resource library. The downside of a resource library is that it takes. A bit more technical skill than setting up a landing page. Final Words on Lead Magnets When choosing your lead magnet, you need to keep something else in mind. As valuable as your information is, you need to consider how much time and effort.  Your potential new subscriber is willing to invest in you.

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