Employees are encouraged to do more and to be protagonists in processes and proposals. In return, they usually benefit from better salaries for taking on new responsibilities and delivering  Indonesia Email List better results. As a result, the increased productivity of the team generates more profit and the company is able to reap the rewards of having a more collaborative management. talents When the work environment makes room for the Indonesia Email List employee to have a voice to offer opinions, suggest solutions and build new paths, it is more favorable to identify new talents. As an example, it is possible to map those who have a leadership profile and assist in the development of skills and abilities so that they are prepared for new challenges Indonesia Email List and roles. One point that needs to be highlighted is related to the implementation of horizontal management.

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At first, betting on this method may require effort, caution and preparation. In the case of companies that are considering changing vertical to horizontal management, it is important to align the new Indonesia Email List structure with the company’s culture, with the mindset of leaders and employees. It is common to find managers resistant to changes that impact their activities, as well as employees concerned about new tasks without a defined direction. You might Indonesia Email List be wondering if horizontal management is a business technique that can be applied in your agency, right? Know that yes! The methodology is adherent both for large companies and for smaller ones, such as startups. Take advantage of the fact that the topic on horizontal management explores the issue of more collaborative attitudes and leave your comment Indonesia Email List on the subject here in the post. Start here to build a more open posture and high performance!

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Contribute to self-employed people who cannot work remotely. Common sense and empathy are essential to face this crisis and overcome it as quickly as possible. To join Stop The Spread, it is Indonesia Email List necessary to fill out a form and provide information about the company. The initiative has the participation of more than 850 business leaders and originated in the United States. Stop The Spread movement is also in Brazil In Brazil, a group of businessmen decided to create a campaign similar to the action launched in the Indonesia Email List USA. The initiative is called and prioritizes implementing measures to combat the spread of the disease in the country. A large task force was created to take practical and quick actions to minimize the spread of the new corona virus in Brazil. This concern is focused on preventing the health system from collapsing with the significant increase in the number of cases. In Indonesia Email List the Brazilian movement,

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