More than one company has collapsed in on itself because they did not have the infrastructure to handle their incoming sales volume. Your business, marketing, and sales should all grow together at a planned, even rate Albania Phone Number List. Using the Right Lure 4. What Sort of Impression Do You Want to Make? Different types of lures attract different types of fish.

Solving a problem or filling a need for your potential customers

Using the wrong type of lure can make for a very long, fruitless fishing trip. Whether you like it or not, your marketing collateral can wordlessly make an impression that will either attract buyers or send them scurrying into the water’s depths. What sort of impression do you want to make on potential customers? First impressions are important and you need to know beforehand whether you want your product or service to be seen as dependable, fun, exciting, expensive, inexpensive, or whatever.

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Distribution channels

Keep in mind that the images, colors, layout, music, and quality of materials you use will all tell a story.  You just need to ensure that it is telling the right story. Besides the typical, “Hey, look at me over here” type of lures, another powerful lure your sales people should carry is the “credibility” lure.