To have waterproof features. After two weeks of wearing it, it stops working because it has had contact with water. Will you buy from that store again? Will you ever recommend that product to any of your friends? The answer is no. And, if your customers don’t speak highly of you, there’s no way you’ll stand a chance against your competition. Very soon, your sales will drop and you will start losing money. Avoid all of this by being genuine with your product promises. Don’t lie for profit. Make sure all your products deliver what they are supposed to deliver! Conclution As you probably know, validating and popularizing your product is a difficult process that can take many turns. However, keep reminding yourself that it really is worth it. In addition to the financial freedom you will gain, you will also improve the lives of many people (through the value of your product) and thus make a great contribution to the market.

4 Ways to Boost Your Business with Snapchat Ads Published: 2017-06-30 The following is a guest post from Anne Felicitas, editor at Advertise Mint, a Snapchat ad agency. Snapchat is like the popular high school trendsetter that every girl wants to become and every guy wants to date. Snapchat is unique and innovative, the first to set the trend for communication through images and videos, which competitors, particularly Facebook, quickly copied. So innovative and unique, in fact, that its main rival, Facebook, has been trying to take it down since its inception. When Snapchat launched, it had no intention of monetizing its app until Facebook tried to make it obsolete. In 2013, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy Snapchat for $3 million in cash.

When Snapchat Turned Down

The offer, Facebook made several attempts to crush its competitor, first by launching Snapchat-like apps and second by mimicking Stories. To compete with Facebook, Snapchat was opened up to advertising. When Snapchat advertising first launched, it was difficult for smaller businesses to advertise. Purchasing the company’s advertising products required talking Namibia whatsapp number list  to a salesperson, which cost more time and money. However, Snapchat recently changed that by launching Ad Manager, an ad management platform that allows smaller businesses to purchase ad products right from the dashboard. Further, To compete with Facebook in social media advertising, Snapchat added three more ad products that drive advertising through filters and lenses, ad formats unique to Snapchat.

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These ads are in addition to your existing attached ads, sponsored geofilters, and sponsored lenses. Below are brief explanations of each type of ads. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Attachment Ads: Attachment Ads are 10-second video ads that appear between users’ stories. With attached ads, you can attach a link to your website, an app install page, an article, or a long-form video. When your attached ad appears between a story, Snapchatters can swipe up from a CTA at the bottom of the screen.

When Snap Chatters Open The Link

They can take an action without leaving the app. For example, they can buy from your website, download your app, read your article, or watch your movie trailer without being redirected to a web page. Sponsored Geofilters – Sponsored Geofilters are artistic text overlays that indicate a Snapchatter’s current location. Advertisers can buy them to promote their physical stores, locations or events. YourSponsored Geofilter, which can be accessed through the filters menu, will only appear to Snapchat users when they are in your location. Sponsored Lenses – Sponsored Lenses are decorative skins that alter someone’s face. With Sponsored Lenses, you can create skins that display your company name or logo. For example, you can create glasses with Mickey Mouse ears and add the Disneyland logo to promote Disneyland.

Like Sponsored Geofilters, Sponsored Lenses are found in the filters menu. If you want to be unique and innovative like the trend-setting Snapchat. The envy of all competitors, I suggest boosting your business with the app. Here are the ways you can boost your business with Snapchat ads.  Promote your store, event or location with sponsored geofilters. Snapchat offers advertisers two types of sponsored geofilters. Regular geofilters and smart geofilters. With the usual geofilters, you can promote your business.  By creating creative text overlays that contain your company logo or name. When a Snapchatter is at your location, the geofilter will appear, ready to use. However, with regular geofilters, you can only do one filter per store.

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