For the unsuspecting it may not be significant, however for an SO strategy it can be compared to a gemstone! About Yelp Forum sites are very popular, they are specialized platforms in which the content is created by users in a mode Cayman-Islands Email List called “multitudinous review forum”. On this type of site, customers leave their opinion about their personal experience with a particular service or product. Therefore, they are platforms of influence. Yelp is one of the main, local search Cayman-Islands Email List services available to all the public and, as it could not be different, it has an enormous capacity to form opinions and set trends. Online Reviews Really Impact SO Let’s define the problem : if we are applying a content strategy and use the forums of some specialized platform, made by a client about our Cayman-Islands Email List business, such as Yelp or Google Maps , could this be considered a duplicate content?

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If the answer were yes, this would mean the loss of positions in the search engines, as they would apply penalties to the replies, thus preventing SO professionals Cayman-Islands Email List from using forums. Thus, the strategy would not be affected. Which implies an injustice, as it prevents you from using a positive assessment made by a customer about your business. But luckily we have John! ask John An SO named Ryan Bartlett, determined to end this question, sent a message via Twitter to John Cayman-Islands Email List Mueller, a web trend analyst at Google . He was so lucky that he got the answer quickly. The exchange of messages was as follows. You can view the original Tweet content by clicking here . print twitter Ryan First of all, thanks for all the value you add to our community. Question : Does Google devalue Cayman-Islands Email List a page if it copies/pastes Google Maps ,

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(between 500 and 700 words, approximately). Could this be considered as duplicate content to some extent? John Mueller: From a Google SO Cayman-Islands Email List perspective , I don’t see any problem with that. I imagine the original is more likely to have a position for that text, but if the rating is used to provide context, that’s fine (although it shouldn’t be tagged with structured data). Maybe an frame/embed would also work? Conclusion So the answer is pretty clear. Now, you know, Cayman-Islands Email List you can use third-party reviews on your own domain without any problems . But, this must be done without manipulating the tags that describe the content, typical of the original site. These comments will have a neutral Cayman-Islands Email List character and will offer neither advantages nor disadvantages when occupying search positions.

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