Which became very frequent, the solution was perfect: subscribe to a streaming platform or even resort to Sierra Leone Email List unorthodox methods of watching series online. The consumption behavior of the audience has changed, and with it, the way of broadcasting advertising has also changed . Companies needed to invest more frequently in other ways to advertise their products on TV or in movies, and the product placement strategy came as the Sierra Leone Email List perfect option. Let’s finally come to the concept itself. It is very simple, and I guarantee that when you read the definition you will remember a number of examples. What is product placement? Product placement is nothing more than the strategy of announcing products in a natural and Sierra Leone Email List practically “ghostly” way in the middle of a scene in a film, series or any other audiovisual production.

Why Is It So Used

In strategy, the actor acts in a natural way with the product, which should not be sold directly: he is part of that Sierra Leone Email List scene, as well as all the elements that compose it. It is very interesting to note this action since, in general, productions do not (or cannot) cite the name of brands: an example that gained prominence in the 2000s was the “Era Pad”, Sierra Leone Email List  from the teen series Carly, which was a reference. to Apple devices. It is also possible to identify product placement directly, when a presenter talks about the product, however, spontaneously and related to the scene script. Nothing like Racy from Top Therm or the guys from Tektite. This, Sierra Leone Email List indeed, is a point of attention: merchandising and product placement are two different things .

Sierra Leone Email List

The merchandising is any action carried out directly at point of sale to promote a product in question and improve Sierra Leone Email List their visibility. In other words: the idea is to display the product in a clear and direct way, exactly as is done in the famous Brazilian afternoon programs. In the case of product placement, the idea is to subtly enter an already existing context of audiovisual productions. You may be interested in these other content Sierra Leone Email List consumer behavior and analytics Consumer 4.0: have you prepared to serve it? Types of Marketing: Learn about the top 81, with examples Understand what the customer buying journey is and its importance Persona: Learn what buyer personas are and how to create them Is the product placement strategy recent? Not even! The first recorded case of product placement took Sierra Leone Email List place in a film from the year 1919, called

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