Its predecessor, the RD Site Summary, was created in 1999 by Dan Libby, working for the American computer Croatia WhatsApp Number List company Netscape. The following updates were made based on criticism and suggestions from the developer community and, shortly thereafter, in the mid-2000s, RS was already becoming a huge success with the help of major news portals such as CNN and BBC, which passed away. to use it. These companies Croatia WhatsApp Number List allowed partner sites to embed their feeds and replicate their content. It was, at the time, an advantageous way of increasing the reach of publications, however, several usage and exhibition agreements were involved. In the following years, RS would become one of the most important tools for companies working with content production and distribution , especially when their Croatia WhatsApp Number List files started to be integrated with email marketing software .

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XML files Unlike closed files like PDF, XML is a standard format that supports plain text, insertion of tags, integration with databases and separation of content by formatting, simplicity and Croatia WhatsApp Number List readability. Thus, XML can be read by various types of software and integrates with different programming languages. It is this “flexibility” that makes it present in so many different processes, from updating website feeds to generating Croatia WhatsApp Number List Electronic Invoices. The RS icon The famous RS icon, represented by the orange frame with a white logo illustrating its functionality, is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and the Mozilla Foundation (the organization responsible for the Firefox browser). rs feed symbol The image first appeared in the Internet Explorer 7 browser and was later distributed Croatia WhatsApp Number List free on the internet.

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With its popularization, the little symbol became a reference for blogs and news sites. Their presence made it clear Croatia WhatsApp Number List that producers were willing to deliver new content to their users. See too! Google Feed Burner: what it is, how it works and its advantages How to use this feature in other tools? Two decades have passed since the creation of the RS Feed and what we have witnessed over that time is an unprecedented digital transformation that has radically changed the consumption of Croatia WhatsApp Number List content and the communication of companies. The Digital Marketing has become the major world feel and strategies began to be widely used by the market. Social networks flourished, in particular Facebook , the model’s great watershed, smartphones, high-speed mobile internet and a Croatia WhatsApp Number List whirlwind of changes that directly impacted consumer behavior arrived.

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