The balance between life and technology can come precisely from the search for digital well-being Ivan DE Sousa March 31, 20 | Reading: min Digital well-being Barbados Email Lists brings balance between life and technology Balance, popularly known as the middle way, is a concept of health, economics and why not? of technology. As the use and integration of technology into daily life through smartphones and Barbados Email Lists devices advances, a new side effect appears: a technological malaise. And this discomfort can drive users and customers away from your brand or company. And there comes the concept of digital well-being. A relationship between online activity and the perception of its effects on each person. Balance between life and technology : concepts that no longer separate, subjectively Barbados Email Lists evaluated according to the contexts and conditions of use. How to achieve balance between life and technology?

How to achieve balance between life and technology

Google’s latest study on the subject, also called digital well-being, surveyed 9,000 people in six European countries between 16 and 74 years old, in 2019. To give you an idea, according to the summary “In general, the people Barbados Email Lists think that technology is neutral or positive for their well-being.” But there is an interesting relationship between the frequency of an activity and its impact on sensation. The result reveals that the Barbados Email Lists public spent more time on activities they perceive as negative for digital well-being. According to the study, the most harmful are: checking notifications, passively browsing social media, searching for content before bed, using search engines, sending messages, communicating by email or calls, browsing, using social media, using your devices while conversation and watching Barbados Email Lists videos. ​The main measures taken by users to achieve balance were: delete apps; change notifications; reduce smartphone usage time.

Barbados Email Lists

Is it possible to exit the smartphone

​Brands, in turn, to prevent their apps from ending up uninstalled, need to ensure three basic points, according to Google: usefulness: making every part of the Barbados Email Lists digital experience useful. Encouraging moderate use is also a good policy; control: giving consumers options to improve their experiences through default settings and usage assessment tools that support their well-being; balance: help your users understand how to use the product in a balanced way. Is it possible to exit Barbados Email Lists the smartphone? To ensure users’ mental health, the movement for digital well-being advocates controlling the time spent with all types of technology, whether on the web or on smartphones: everything to increase focus and attention, as well as productivity. The strategies try to establish limits for use Barbados Email Lists and, thus, guarantee space for rest and leisure to exist.

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