The fourth industrial revolution promises to change much of what we know and make the adjective disruptive, which is so much associated with it, stand out. The technology developed by the IOTA Nepal WhatsApp Number List Foundation already fulfills this role. The IOTA is the third generation of Block chain, but it is not just a cryptocurrency. As this technology advances, we will be able to move from BIB transaction logic to Machine to Machine (MAM). Communication between machines and the evolution of Nepal WhatsApp Number List micro-transactions directly contribute to the collaborative economy, says Rafael Pres , Market Developer at the IOTA Foundation. In this exclusive interview given to the Intelligentsia Corporation blog, Rafael talks about the foundation’s Content Marketing strategies to deal with Nepal WhatsApp Number List such a complex subject and gives an encouraging vision of the possibilities of IOTA. Check it out in full.

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The IOTA is much more than a cryptocurrency, but that’s the first definition that comes up when we research it. How does the IOTA Foundation’s Content Marketing work to deal with this kind of Nepal WhatsApp Number List reduction on technology? The IOTA Foundation is a German foundation that developed the third generation of Block chain. We understand the Block chain as a FLT, that is, a distributed recording technology. The most Nepal WhatsApp Number List famous Block chain today is Bitcoin, which we hear so much about. Bitcoin is mostly structured as a financial transaction, it is a financial asset. You don’t have a lot of flexibility in applications in Nepal WhatsApp Number List segments other than finance with Bitcoin and, consequently, other cryptocurrencies as well.

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The big difference with IOTA is that, as it is the third generation of the Block chain, we have some parameters that Nepal WhatsApp Number List are better applied to other verticals and not just the financial market. IOTA has its cryptocurrency that runs under the FLT platform, called Tangle, a “tangle”. This tangle allows us to act very specifically or primarily in the use of the Internet of Things . For example: Conventional Block chain, which we know from Nepal WhatsApp Number List Bitcoin, has a global capacity to process 7 transactions per second on average. By way of comparison, VISA, the credit card operator, has a capacity of 20,000 transactions per second around the world. It’s too big a discrepancy for us to be able to make Bitcoin a global currency. Nepal WhatsApp Number List  With IOTA this is different, because we have a salable transaction capacity.

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