Where we can to be owners of these properties”. Affirms in an exclusive interview with merca 2.0. Luis enriquez. Ceo of orphic. Luis andrés enriques. Founder and cfo of cultura colectiva. And founder of orphic the Austria phone numbers about the future beyond the excitement towards a new door to the future. Users have not yet forgotten the investigations and scandals that currently surround zuckenberg’s great company. However. The programmer said that “privacy and security must be built into the metaverse from day one.”

it must be remember that the metaverse as an ecosystem. Will not be built by meta alone. But will involve creators. Crypto projects. Blockchain. Nft and new forms of digital governance in which not only consumers and Austria phone numbers benefit. But also to the creators. Mark zuckenberg generate today a very high expectation of what the metaverse could become; however. It is still a concept of a possible ecosystem that could reach 1 billion users. Generate millions of dollars and support the creators of the internet.

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Today meta is offer as the change of a new paradigm. A new brand that will Austria phone number opportunities to have experiences and trade on a different level than the one we know today and that is the future of internet interaction. According to zuckenberg. At the end of it all. Your project assertively starts at the crucial moment when the way of connecting has change after a covid-19 pandemic and with the acceleration of digitization.

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The big screen does not have a specific cost of price range. However. A promotional cost of approximately 1.500 dollars per minute is estimate. Nasdaq is Austria phone numbers by approximately 41 million people a year. It is estimate a cost of 1.500 dollars per minute for the projection of any type of advertising. Varying in terms of design and other factors. Each nasdaq tile contains 2.048 led bulbs. One of the best advertising resources turns out to be billboards. Being a local and establish graphic.

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Medium. The amount of public that manages to perceive the ad is incredible. Clearly taking into account the size. Geolocation. Content and material. Since there are fixe. Dual and led use models. The latter being the most Austria phone numbers and striking. Since the density of colors. Light and infinite possibilities of projection make it definitely the best option in terms of spectacular. There are several advertisements known in the world for their great placement. Such as the giant nasdaq screen in time square.

But how much does it cost to place an advertisement on one of the most well-known screens in the world? Nasdaq in times square the big nasdaq screen Austria phone numbers in time square in new york became in a few years the epicenter of the big ads. And it is not for less since the screen is seen by more than 41 million people a year according to data estimated by the same nasdaq. The screen. Being a means of advertising use. Does not have a specific price range cost. However. A promotion cost of approximately 1.500 dollars per minute is estimated.

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