Which can be directed to your company’s website or even to your fan page. This type of paid media allows for a high Poland B2B Email Lists segmentation of the audience that will see your ad, such as the ability to choose factors such as gender, location (city, state, country), age, relationship status, profession and even personal interests, as well as be able to export a list of contacts and place it in the ad. Facebook ads Payment for this strategy Poland B2B Email Lists can be made by number of clicks or views. Also, there are two different types of ads on Facebook: 2.1. Sponsored Story This type of ad is shown to friends of people who have already liked your page by showing the interactions users are having, such as sharing a post or voting in polls. It’s a kind of Poland B2B Email Lists virtual word of mouth. 2.2. promoted post Instead of creating an ad,

How To Apply SPIN Selling

You can boost an actual post by making it go to the top of your followers’ news feed, gaining more visibility among Poland B2B Email Lists users who already like the page. If you are curious which of these media is best for your business, read our post Facebook Ads or Google Ad words: which is best for your business? . organic traffic vs paid traffic The decision to invest in a digital marketing strategy focused on organic traffic or paid traffic should Poland B2B Email Lists take into account aspects such as: objective, cost-effectiveness, urgency of results and available resources. In order to make a comparison based on these points, we will identify the advantages and disadvantages investing in the attraction of each one of them when we put them side by side. NE thing is certain, both types of traffic complement each other , that is, better results Poland B2B Email Lists will be achieved if your company invests in both types.

Poland B2B Email Lists

However, it is necessary to take into account some details such as, for example, the fact that if the investment of paid traffic stops the entire strategy, it can be undone, while in organic the results Poland B2B Email Lists achieved do not run this same risk, since a content continues to generate results even after it was published. To illustrate the costs related to each of the traffics, check the chart below: paid traffic or organic traffic Let’s suppose that, to Poland B2B Email Lists generate 30 leads through ads on Google Ad words or Facebook Ads, you would need to invest R$1,000.00. This results in a cost per lead of R$33.33. As in these types of media this payment refers to the number of clicks, you pay R$33.33 per user who clicks and becomes a lead. And to achieve Poland B2B Email Lists this same result in another month, the investment required is the same.

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