You got excited about a business idea, you saw potential in it, you saw that there was room to develop a new product or service, you put time, energy and effort into developing it, and then you hit a wall: how do I sell this product now? Or service so wonderful that I have in my hands?

Sales is the nerve center of any business, regardless


of its size: a business that does not sell, sooner or later, succumbs.

Or perhaps you started working on your own when you had no other alternative and, instead of continuing to hope to get a job with an established company, you decided to set it up yourself and start your entrepreneurial project.

In any case, if you are wondering when is the right time to turn the search for business opportunities into Manufacturing Directors Email Lists a full-time activity , or if you have asked yourself before and the day-to-day dynamics had not allowed you to sit down and give it a adequate answer, today we are going to do it in this article.


What does “Sell” mean to you?

The simple answer to this question is “to

Manufacturing Production Directors, Managers Email Lists

get more and more customers to buy the product or service I offer” , and it is a correct answer… halfway.

Every sale that occurs in the world, rather, every time a person or company acquires the goods or services offered by a third party, at whatever level, you have to distinguish three things:

1.- the commercial transaction , that is, the exchange of money for a product or service.
2.- everything that happens before the exchange.
3.- everything that happens after the exchange.

Everything that happens before the exchange is what we call, formally, the process of “Prospecting and attracting clients” and it involves all the actions that you, as a company (whether you are a large company or a small one) have put in place to give to know your products and services in your specific market, to gain the trust of your potential client and finally, to reach that “Commercial transaction”.

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