Twitter Analytics dashboard, so the first thing you need to do is go to the Tweets tab . Skip anything you see in the main column and look directly at the Commitments section . There you will find Participation rate Clicks on links Retweets Answers Your engagement rate is the only metric you want to improve. That’s the average percentage of engagement you get per tweet. You can then scroll through the Top Tweets tab and find which of your China Phone Number performed the best. Take note and tweet more stuff like that. Google+ Google+ statistics For Google+ pages, you can view a limited number of metrics to measure the performance of your content. From your My Business page , click the View Information button .

Then immediately click on the Engagement tab . You will see a nice graph of the actions taken on your posts for the last 30 days. Below that graph, you’ll see a box that lets you scroll through your recent posts and the actions taken on them. Again, you’ll want to take note of which content got the China Phone Number return. You can also take a quick look at the chart below the Recent Posts chart that lists the China Phone Number actions by post type . google+ engagement by post type This will instantly show you which types of posts are getting the most engagement. For a more comprehensive Google+ analytics for Pages and Profiles, you may want to check out Steady Demand.

Pro Pinterest China Phone Number Analytics

I’ve really come to love the simplicity of China Phone Number analytics. They give him just what he needs, segmented in a highly effective way. When you visit your Pinterest Analytics page, click the Your Pinterest Profile link. Then you’ll want to immediately click on the Repins tab. You will be able to see a China phone number list of your most repinned content and you will also be able to see how many clicks that content has also received. Periscope save periscope transmission statistics At the end of each stream, you are given some metrics. All I care about is retention. I talked about this as one of my China Phone Number pro tips.

China Phone Number

Since you currently can’t see any other stats China Phone Number the four that are given at the end of a stream, the only engagement metric you need to focus on is retention. This is the percentage of people who jumped into your broadcast and stayed until the end. If your retention is high, it means you are effectively capturing and holding your audience’s attention. If your retention is low, that means you’re not providing the value your audience is looking for, or maybe you’re just streaming too long. Hearts are a secondary form of engagement that you can monitor is the number of hearts that are given on the stream. While this is also a superficial measure, it’s still a small indicator of whether or not people on your stream are enjoying what you’re saying.

Youtube China Phone Number Analysis

There is no doubt that when it comes to China Phone Number analytics, there is more than enough to investigate. It’s actually a bit overwhelming, even for someone who is used to looking at analytics and stats all the time. So again, it’s important to monitor the metrics that matter most. What metrics are most important on YouTube? I asked that question on Twitter and this is the best answer I got: @MentorMate @DustinWStout thanks you two…great question! 1) Retention rate of tweets watching videos. 2) Are they clicking on annotations/CTAs? — Ryan Pena (@iRyanPena) August 14, 2015 Like Periscope, you want to monitor your retention more than anything else.

To find it, you’ll need to navigate to Creator Studio > Analytics > Audience Retention . The most important numbers on this page will be the average percentage viewed . That’s the average percentage of a video your audience sees per view. When that number is low, it means China Phone Number aren’t sticking around to watch the entire video. It also has an entire section dedicated to YouTube Analytics engagement reports. The most important ones for me are: Subscribers Comments share Knowing if you’re growing in these three areas and why is crucial to the long-term success of your YouTube channel. Interaction with the website Now that we’ve talked about ways to measure engagement on social media.

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