Your library may even offer other resources. Such as free classes, free or low-cost laptop rentals, community programs, and more. Don’t forget to adjust your pet food budget. If you want to mix it up and save money on your dog food, try Chewy. Chewy not only has food, it also provides pet parents with a place to get toys, beds, and treats. Shipping is not charged on any order over $50. Chewy offers discounts for customers who start using automatic shipping. All new members get 30% off their first order, then 5%-10% off any additional recurring orders.

DIY Your Hairstyle

It can be tough, but switching your hairdresser or Jordan WhatsApp Number List barber can save you a lot of money. Saying goodbye to someone you’ve been going for years isn’t easy, but your budget may benefit from this change. See if you can learn how to cut your hair , as this may limit your salon visits Ecuador WhatsApp Number List to one or two per year. Save money by simply making your own cleaning supplies. There are plenty of recipes (especially on Pinterest) to help you keep cleaning supplies at home for half the cost. It might not be as effective as buying it from a store, but it gets the job done.


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Don’t overspend on entertainment


Don’t overspend on entertainment. Cities are full of free or low-cost activities. I have had the pleasure of looking up flyers or posters for free events in my area at my local library. Also, many organizations do a good job of promoting their events through Facebook. Just browse the Activity tab on Facebook and see what happens. You might be surprised at the way you can save money on a tight budget by doing this. These events will contain all the information you need, such as the address and when the event will take place.

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