In order to access Google Adesense, you must sign up for Adsense and link your account. You’ll also need to set up a code to track AdSense campaigns in Google Analytics. Once synchronized you can have the income data of the marketing campaigns that you receive through the other. Advertisers on your website. Google Analytics will help you find the most suitable ads for your website. Although you can also control the type of ads that are displayed on your pages. You also have access to detailed reports of your Senegal Phone Number List performance in relation to ads. It is a good source of income, but you must bear in mind that it reduces. The visibility of your content and redirects your website traffic to other pages.

Google Analytics is a great ally of SEO . In the 4 large sections: Audience, Acquisition, Conversions and Acquisition you will find a lot of relevant. Data to improve the search engine positioning of your website. In many of the reports, it provides you with relevant information. Either from a technical point of view (page or site loading speed). From the use of keywords that direct traffic to your website. The relevance of the links external (referred traffic) from other. Websites that redirect to your website or the visit time of your visits.

Make Use of Google Analytics Filters

These reports allow you to measure, compare and correct possible errors in loading time. Screen resolution or the use of keywords in relation to the number of queries and searches carried out in search engines. For example, in the Acquisitions section. In Search Engine Optimization , the report makes a comparison between impressions and clicks in searches carried out on the web by users who ended up visiting your page or not and the CTR percentage of those visits in relation to The impressions.


For example, in the section on Acquisition – Search Engine Optimization – Queries . You can clearly see which are the most frequent keyword queries made in search engines by your visitors. How many of them made the query, how many saw your content (number of impressions), how many visited your page (interactions) and what is the CTR of this result. The report will allow you to see not only which are the most frequent terms and keywords in relation to your market niche, but also which percentage redirect the public to your page. Also through this report you will be able to know what other keywords are decisive for the audience to find you on the web and improve your Content Marketing and focus it towards the number of searches related to those terms.

To Expand This Section

The use of filters in Google Analytics is strategic , since on the one hand it helps you include or exclude traffic in your reports. I mean, it is necessary to create filters that exclude your visits so that you can know more accurately the traffic of visitors to your website. You can also create filters that include visits related to other traffic sources or channels, such as your email marketing campaigns or your Google AdWords campaigns, which I will explain later. This will allow you to have more accurate reports of your campaigns on different channels.

The first step that I recommend is that you create a filter to exclude internal traffic , I mean that you create a filter so that it does not count the visits that you make to your website or those that your work team makes. This is important, because if you do not use this filter, you can make the mistake of overvaluing the number of visits to your website, the number of pages visited, the time of visit, etc. It is also important since it will be decisive to analyze with other metrics in Google Analytics , such as: new visitors and recurring visitors to the web, the bounce rate. etc. And if you don’t exclude your own visits, it’s impossible to measure your results objectively.

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