How to balance marketing and product experience is a very Australia WhatsApp Number List common topic. I don’t think there is any special need to tangle. In fact, everyone knows that we need both marketing and experience, but the question is, how much marketing should we do at what stage? , How much experience to do, this is the key.

In recent years, there have been many cases of cutting-edge brands breaking the market and becoming the industry leader. Of course, we also have cooperation and service relationships with many of them.

My point of view is: experience is 1, and marketing is 0. 

Because at the beginning, you must have a 1 here, and now consumers value experience, you must have, even if it is a small point of experience, can stand up, at this time, you can add 0 later to be able to add it. develop.

When we first made breakthroughs in product experience, we set a 1.

The early stage may require a lot of marketing investment. At this stage, we need to detonate at a single point. After the single-point detonation, we are faced with the question of whether the ROI can achieve the predicted effect. Otherwise, it is impossible for you to burn money all the time.

 The customer experience is endless

If we now look at some of the conclusions Australia WhatsApp Number List we have made in the market in the past three years, we will find that the more a brand that attaches importance to experience, the greater its growth rate and potential will be. They will place more value on these experiences. With all kinds of brands today, customer experience

management is a driving force once you want to achieve sustained growth.

In fact, there is a very basic truth here – experiencing it is always a rising tide. For example, do you feel that the experience of the iPhone is already good today? You might not think so. But if you put it a few years ago, when the iPhone

4 and iPhone 5 came out, you felt that the experience was already very good. That is to say, the expectations and pursuits of consumers will only be continuously driven by the brand to grow, and it will never reach its peak.

Behind the soaring stock price is an overall improvement in experience

Australia WhatsApp Number List
Australia WhatsApp Number List

Ecovacs is our customer in the sweeper industry. We all know that this customer is now the first in the industry with a market value of 100 billion yuan. In 2018, we started to build a platform for customer experience management. At that time, we were the first company in China to build a customer experience management platform. At that time, Ecovacs was our original

customer of Octopus. It said that they wanted to do customer experience management, although We didn’t even have the name Yunting CEM at the time, but we worked with them to make this thing. They have used it for more than three years now

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