You need text in your image. Beauty alone can drive repins, but to get people to click on your image, you need to provide something else to pique their curiosity. These are the basics you need to do on Pinterest before you start looking for Pinterest marketing success or you won’t see any kind of measurable results. Here are Pinterest tips and Pinterest basics that you should keep in mind. Start your Pinterest marketing with the right steps. #pinterest #pinteresttips #pinterestmarketing #pintereststrategy And that, more often than not, means you need to have text on your image. You can use the title of your post, or even something more provocative. Just like with Twitter, the headline is what will draw people in and convert them into traffic.

So, do your homework and learn about headlines; Also, browse Pinterest and see what kind of pins seem to get a lot of attention. 4. Get a business account Pinterest Business Account: A personal and business account on Pinterest have different terms of service. But the main difference and the reason why you absolutely need a Pinterest business account is that this will give you access to Pinterest Analytics. And if you’ve been reading our blog in the past, you must be aware of the importance of data for any type of marketing success. Here’s how to set up a Pinterest business account. Confirm your website Next, you absolutely need to connect your website to your Pinterest account.

This Will Add Your Profile Photo

To every pin that comes from your website, thus giving you a tremendous branding effect once your pins start moving on Pinterest. Also, this will allow you to get Rich Pins (see #7). Here are instructions on how you can confirm your website. 6. Watch your numbers That means you have to take care of your Analytics. Google Analytics and Pinterest Analytics. You want to know if your Ireland business fax list
impressions are increasing, your content saves are increasing, you want to know if your website activity on Pinterest is increasing, and of course you want to know if traffic to your website from Pinterest is increasing. Seeing Google Analytics, in this case, is not enough. That’s why I told you to get a business account at no. You also want to know which articles get pins and clicks; learn from it. Try to figure out why that pin stands out the most: Did you use a great design? Was the text great?


Did you use a call to action? What makes the difference? Get rich pins Rich pins give you the opportunity to add more information to your pins. If you enable rich pins for your website, all pins on your website will include this information. There are different types of rich pins product pins article pins app install pins recipe pins As a blogger or content marketer, often article pins are of prime interest (if you’re not a food blogger and want recipe pins). Article pins add the title of your post from your website, the description, and the author of the post. That means you have more places to display pin information. 8. Consider search and keywords While Pinterest is classified as a social network, the secret to unlocking marketing success with Pinterest lies in the disclosure that Pinterest is a search engine.

Pinterest Itself Recently Hinted

At the fact that engagement as we know it on other social networks may not be what they’re after and simply removed the Like button. If you’re already active on Pinterest, you’ll probably agree that communication on Pinterest is rare and not the focus of your attention. On the other hand, many people use Pinterest to find information and search for it by typing search phrases. In addition, Pinterest uses a “Smart Feed” to decide what information to show to which user. And the Smart Feed depends only a small part. On your followers and the people you follow, and much more on the topics that interest you and related content. That means you need to make it absolutely clear what you and your content are about, and that means you need to use keywords! Places to use keywords are Your Pinterest username.

You may have noticed that some pinners added a keyword to your name, that’s on purpose Your Boards – Don’t get fancy and witty. Instead, use the keywords that best describe what the forum is about, in the forum name AND in the forum descriptions. Your Pin Descriptions – This one starts on your website – if you provide pinnable images for your posts, make sure you have a keyword-rich description in the image ALT tag. Pinterest will pull this as the description every time someone pins your post. Keywords are one of the most important aspects of successful Pinterest marketing. Provide a “Button” to share on Pinterest Now this one again isn’t really specific to Pinterest, but if you want people to pin your content.

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