As a search engine (at least in part). But not just any search engine: a search engine that returns what’s important to each and every user, right now. A real-time search of important things. Important, for you, right now! Twitter has advanced search features that no one seems to know about Twitter has advanced search features that no one seems to know about But search, while powerful when you want it to be, is woefully underutilized in Twitter activities. No user-friendly interface for Twitter’s advanced search features, no use in mobile app, no focus on what you can do with search onboarding new users, no focus on user experience . Instead, Twitter seems too focused on making small changes to its newsfeed, without thinking about its core use case for registered users.

If I’m following a sporting event on Twitter, I couldn’t care less about my newsfeed. Most Twitter users don’t give a damn about the “While You Were Away” section of the newsfeed, and if you’ve been a little careless with the people you follow, it’s probably broken anyway. Correct the search! It shouldn’t even be that hard. It’s a front end issue as the core functionality is already developed and has been for years. Twitter is all about discovery I said, just like Pinterest, Twitter is about search. Well, Pinterest has another very important aspect, just like Twitter. Pinterest is all about Discovery: Need a new jacket? People go to Pinterest to find things that suit them. Need an idea for your gardening endeavors? Pinterest has you covered. Pinterest has its core use case of being a place for idea discovery: The World Catalog of Ideas.

If Pinterest Is The Catalog

Of ideas, then Twitter is “the catalog of people”. People who are important to you and people who tweet things that are important to you. As said, Twitter is the important thing, for you and right now! This is why Donald Trump is so involved in Twitter: he has understood (or maybe it was a fluke) that ranking high in the catalog of people is tremendously useful if you want to succeed USA whatsapp number list  as a politician. This is also why Elon Musk can add 900 million in market value to his company with a single tweet. Elon Musk’s Twitter Billions Elon Musk closes multi-million dollar deals on Twitter. But while we all know who Donald Trump and Elon Musk are, discovering users on Twitter is a bit underdeveloped.

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Because getting recommendations on who to follow that are meaningful to me is impossible. It shouldn’t be that hard of a problem to solve, and it shouldn’t interfere with the core functionality of Twitter. From an algorithmic point of view, making these recommendations can be done by analyzing user actions, and other networks like Instagram or Facebook are already doing it. Don’t just serve the same ads as everyone else Twitter, like most social networks, is trying to make most of its revenue through ad sales. But, contrary to everyone else, he doesn’t seem to be able to make enough money from his advertising system. Why is that? Well, in my opinion there are a couple of reasons. Which companies does Twitter compete with in ad sales? Quick: say the first thing that comes to mind.

The First Company

That comes to mind is Facebook, right. Maybe LinkedIn? What should also come to mind if you have been reading this article carefully so far is Pinterest. And Pinterest should be the only competition Twitter thinks about! Why? Because Pinterest is successfully monetizing a platform built on large-scale search and discovery. And Twitter is the same, with the added benefit of being real-time based. However, that doesn’t mean that Twitter should simply copy the ads that Pinterest already offers and expect to be just as successful. In fact, all existing advertising systems on social platforms are quite similar. For Twitter, that means Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends. Pretty boring, and what can I have in any other social network too. They shouldn’t be, and Twitter has an opportunity to be different, and totally different.

The key advantage is again: in real time. Twitter is very important because it has life discussions about events. The Superbowl is one of those events, and we all know the value of Superbowl ads, right? Could this be leveraged for ad sales? Selling high-value ads? It should be, because event ads on Twitter should be worth a lot of money, as you can see in the example below: During the 2013 Superbowl there was a power outage, and while millions of viewers were left in the dark, Oreo tweeted this: Without eleectricity? No problem. Oreo Cookie (@Oreo) February 4, 2013 The marketing value of this was so great that it made some people wonder if the power of this single Tweet was greater than that of a regular Superbowl ad.

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