Investigation At this stage, your job is to identify and clarify customer needs so that your solutions become increasingly relevant and urgent. This is where the SPIN questions come in , but first it is Qatar Email List important to highlight two types of needs that must be addressed: implicit needs: obvious but undeclared problems that may be enough to close a small sale but hardly a complex deal; explicit needs: in this case, the problem is already such a Qatar Email List strong pain that it motivates the client to express it and seek help. Its objective, therefore, is to “convert” implicit needs into explicit ones “putting a finger on the wound” popularly sayings that the client realizes that the costs linked to the problem are greater than the investment invested in its Qatar Email List solution. This can be done via the SPIN questions. Let’s see how to elaborate them below.

Be Precise In Your Answers

Situation Questions As stated in the previous topics, situation questions are intended to gather information about your potential customer. You need to know exactly who your buyer is and Qatar Email List where he or she is to best guide you through the process. Check out some sample questions in this category. How big is your company? What is your role in company “x”? Who is responsible for “x” in your organization? How important is “x” to your business? Who is your current “x” supplier and why did you choose him? These Qatar Email List questions are interesting to “map” your prospect, but we don’t recommend overdoing them. Since they don’t generate a lot of involvement, they can make your buyers impatient. Problem Questions The purpose of these questions is to identify implied needs. The idea, therefore, is to explore the Qatar Email List  challenges your buyer may be facing .

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Check out some models below. Are you able to serve more customers than your current portfolio? What complaints Qatar Email List do your employees usually have about “x”? What are the monthly (or annual) costs of “x”? Is your “x” software reliable? Does “product x” meet all your needs? Implication Questions The implication questions should clarify the magnitude, consequences, and impact of the problem. The key is to generate impact Qatar Email List and urgency so that the prospect reassess the situation and is more likely to take action. See some models: How is this problem impacting your partners and collaborators? How much up time and resources have you wasted on unscheduled repairs? Have your customers mentioned on the internet that Qatar Email List your competitor offers better service than yours? How much is this issue costing your company annually?

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