Normally, for the commercial area, it is important to be curious, have a good tone of voice, like to think strategically, know numbers, be good with relationships and like to learn. train your team It’s no use Cuba Email List hiring the right people if you don’t train them. All of the above characteristics can be taught, but the contributor must be committed to learning. More than training in these skills, it is important to present your agency and what it does. Having all Cuba Email List the products and services at your fingertips helps with consultative selling. The commercial agent must understand the client’s needs and, thus, put together a proposal that matches what he/she needs and what his agency can help. set goals Setting clear and objective goals, SMART goals is the Cuba Email List best way to structure a good business process.

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In other words, your collaborator must clearly know what is expected of him and what he must deliver at the end of the month. It is important to know the agency’s numbers, know how much margin Cuba Email List  there is in each service and know how to properly price the services offered, always taking into account the hourly rate, how many professionals will be involved in the activity, the productivity rate and taxes. prepare the agency Often when the Cuba Email List commercial area does not exist, all people end up doing this service. When implementing a commercial structure, make it clear that all proposals must be made by this team. This gives you greater control over closing metrics and rates. 3 steps to a successful agency business process Connection Cuba Email List Regardless of which sales model you choose for your agency, the sales process should be done in three steps.

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The first is what we call a connection. It is your first contact with the customer. If you chose inbound, you’ll get in touch with him to find out what materials he looked at and what he was looking for Cuba Email List when he downloaded them. If he asked to speak with you, it’s time to make an appointment with him to speak. By making an appointment you ensure that Cuba Email List both he and you are prepared for a business meeting and have booked a time for that and that alone. If you’re outbound, it’s time to introduce yourself, talk about your agency, how you got to it and what you can do differently for it. The purpose of that first call is always to set up a meeting. Besides Cuba Email List understanding a little bit about how the client works.

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