If action inspires action the way I see it. Home page screenshot of dustinstout.com home page The home page has evolved dramatically since I started dustinstout.com. When I started this blogging journey, the home page was simply where the blog posts started. No featured content Oman Phone Number. There are no images of heroes. Just the blog. Last year I decided that the home page was going to be more than the first page of the blog. The home page was going to be the place to give people context on where they’ve landed. The vast majority of people visiting dustinstout.com landed on a blog post. Chances are they got a bit of Oman Phone Number before clicking on a social link, Google search result, or email.

They can then read the blog post and get an idea of ​​what the site is about. For those who land on the home page as their first point of contact, I felt like they needed a little more context, a little more history. But even in last year’s redesign, I still included the latest blog posts as the second element on the page when a visitor scrolled. In this new version, I made the home page entirely about the context and history of what dustinstout.com is. I’ve also included some Social Proof pieces to help show some degree of credibility/authority. This will be a constant work in progress as I test what works and what doesn’t. The blog One of my Oman Phone Number shortcomings in the latest version of dustinstout.com was the actual blog archive.

Not Individual Oman Phone Number Blog Posts

But the chronological list of blog posts, which web developers know as the “loop”. I have taken great care to ensure that the reader’s experience is as smooth and frictionless as possible. Dustinstout.com Blog Layout Blog posts are displayed with just their featured image and title, in a chronological Oman Phone Number. You’ll notice that (on desktop) hovering over a featured image brings Oman phone number up that interaction I was talking about earlier. I decided to skip the content, just using the featured image as a way to remove clutter and keep things simple. What you’ll also notice about the blog archive is the return of the sidebar! Sidebar Last year I ditched the sidebar altogether. A traditional pillar of blog design was no longer an important part of my strategy.

Oman Phone Number

I was inspired to do this by Medium, which also Oman Phone Number me to include the full-screen featured images in every blog post. For me, it was about making sure the main content was free of distractions. While most professional bloggers gasp and cringe at such a decision, I found it a relief. My sentiment was confirmed when I received countless compliments from people who loved reading my blog posts because it was easy and neat. Well, I decided to put the sidebar back, but only in the blog archives. I thought if people were scrolling through blog posts chronologically, maybe they could benefit from some helpful elements or hints in a sidebar.

Sidebar Oman Phone Number Interactions I Have

However ensured that the individual posts and pages Oman Phone Number their full width, however there is no sidebar layout to ensure the main content remains in focus. Category Archive Another sore point in my last design was the mess of individual category archive pages. When you want to read a specific category of posts, you can use the navigation links at the top of the page and go to the list of archives for that exact category. category archives dustinstout.com Blog posts are displayed chronologically with a category description at the top of the page. Also, I decided to keep the sidebar off this page and give a small preview of each blog post. I made this choice based on the fact that I believe a reader must have a very specific purpose if they have navigated to a category archive.

They probably don’t need the extra context or hints that a sidebar would likely give. General page template In this release, pages no longer receive the full screen featured image rule. I felt like I was a bit too much into the last design and decided to keep the pages simple with a clear purpose. Simple enough? Well. Search, glorious search! When I released last year’s design, I got great feedback from Debi Oman Phone Number about the lack of a search feature. I knew it was a problem, I just didn’t have time to address it. I’m happy to say that not only have I addressed that issue with the new design, but I was able to do it in a beautiful and seamless way for the user experience.

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