Everyone reads their sentences aloud and the other members need to guess what is true and what is not. Thus, it is Saudi Arabia Email Database possible to promote greater knowledge among the participants, even in a moment of relaxation and leisure. 8. Technique 6.3.5 The brainstorming is a very common process in different sectors and is widely used in marketing , for Saudi Arabia Email Database example. Technique 6.3.5 aims to allow participants to integrate in search of ideas that solve a problem or reach an initially stipulated goal . The 6 represents the number of participants, the 3 means how many Saudi Arabia Email Database ideas each should suggest and the 5 is the time, in minutes, for each person to write their idea. Every five minutes, the paper is passed on to the collaborators and the ideas can be reused and worked on top of others.

What Is An Attribution Model

Thus, in addition to teamwork, it is possible to assess the capacity of each employee in the search for solutions and Saudi Arabia Email Database plans that meet the stipulated rules. The dynamic also shows how ideas can evolve and become even more creative with the collaboration and engagement of all members. 9. Solitary cubes One of the goals of group dynamics is to promote integration and collaboration among participants , right? The Saudi Arabia Email Database solidarity cubes tactic focuses exactly on this. Dividing the members into two or more groups, they need to create 15 cubes from the materials provided, such as cardboard, scissors, glue and a ruler. The duration of this stage is one hour, which forces integration among the Saudi Arabia Email Database participants, with each one playing a different role in pursuit of the same goal.

Saudi Arabia Email Database

If the division does not work, the cubes will not be ready at the end of the stipulated time. Teamwork, therefore, is one Saudi Arabia Email Database of the highlights of this activity. 10. Dynamics of features Following the dynamics of item 7, the idea is for each participant to put, without the name, two of their characteristics and two of their quirks on different sheets of paper. Items are shuffled and distributed among the members, and each of them needs to Saudi Arabia Email Database interpret the information through mime. Once a feature or craze is discovered by the other participants, it is necessary to find out who is being represented there. The owner of the answers manifests and explains the motivations for their choices. In this way, everyone who participates in the dynamic gets to know more about others . Group dynamics are essential for Saudi Arabia Email Database the proper functioning of the company .

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