The busiest streets are the keywords with the highest search volume, and the best sellers are the contents that Albania WhatsApp Number List most help the customer when making a purchase. For Google, the currency of exchange is knowledge. The most expensive batches must be filled by whoever has the best information on a particular topic. This means that at all times you must ask yourself if that page on your website is significantly answering a Albania WhatsApp Number List potential consumer’s question. In other words, if your site doesn’t occupy good positions in search engines, it has content that doesn’t educate your persona, it has few paths for the visitor to go through (it doesn’t have connectors such as links or banners on the site’s pages) and it’s Albania WhatsApp Number List confusing, your sales force should still improve a lot, right?

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How to turn content into your best showcase? Going back to thinking that Google is a city, each page on your site Albania WhatsApp Number List allows you to build at least one more store, perhaps inside or in the center, depending on your authority and your investments. But your site is limited in size, right? Its size depends on the quantity of products and how much you can talk about each one. When we talk about content published through the blog Albania WhatsApp Number List and with a strong strategy behind it, we are talking about unlimited growth. In other words, each content adds a page within your website and each page is another little store built . And the larger your site, the more likely it is to appear for that keyword with extremely high search volume. Albania WhatsApp Number List Starting with a practical example, we can see Barbra Brave’s results from Rushmore

Albania WhatsApp Number List

Although the site is well indexed, This is precisely because it is much larger than the domain that depends only on the number of products available. We can see this difference in size on Google Albania WhatsApp Number List even when we compare Rock Content’s institutional site with our own blog. It’s much more common for someone to become a Rock customer after starting with a search like “ digital marketing ” a keyword for which we’re in first Albania WhatsApp Number List place on Google with a full article on the subject than a direct search on how to hire the services from Rock Content. But, in addition to having good entrances, we need the visitor to engage until he becomes a customer. Therefore, there are other complementary strategies that must be applied. How to leverage your sales force? Remember in the beginning when Albania WhatsApp Number List we talked about having a good sales force?

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