Inkstand Inkstand is a simple tool that aims to alert you to every new link pointing to your site. Its differential is that it promises to do this immediately . But what is Saudi Arabia Phone Number List the advantage of this speed of notification? The tool’s website explains that this helps to keep you and the Marketing team motivated, since it’s good to know that there are quality domains linking to your site. In Saudi Arabia Phone Number List addition, it is important to know how your image is on social media . After all, you can be cited in both positive and negative terms, and it ‘s essential to be ready to protect your brand reputation quickly . Inkstand 4. LinkedIn LinkedIn is another tool that can help you benchmark to improve Saudi Arabia Phone Number List your back links strategy. After all, it monitors not only your links, but also those of your competition.

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In fact, this monitoring is so good that the tool sends alerts for each new back link conquered by the competitor . By comparing your links with those Saudi Arabia Phone Number List from another domain, you can discover reasons why an SO strategy isn’t working as you’d like. LinkedIn 5. Ubersuggest When we talk about monitoring links, we shouldn’t be Saudi Arabia Phone Number List limited to ours alone, as it’s possible to learn a lot by looking at competitors’ ones. For example, by following the back links of the competition, you have the opportunity to find potential partners , that is, blogs that might find it advantageous to have a guest post of yours. This monitoring also Saudi Arabia Phone Number List helps you identify trends and define the best themes for your editorial calendar.

Saudi Arabia Phone Number List

The Ubersuggest is known to be a great keyword research tool, but it also offers features geared for monitoring back links. After entering the domain, you see Saudi Arabia Phone Number List information related to keywords, traffic, domain score and back links. Ubersuggest for back links On this screen, when you click on the area that informs the amount of back links, you access a report related to the links that are Saudi Arabia Phone Number List pointing to the pages of your website or blog. Among other things, it is possible to verify the origin of each link, as well as the authority of the originating domain . Ubersuggest indicating origin of back links 6. Ah refs Following the logic of Ubersuggest, Ah refs is also a great tool to monitor your competitor’s back links. On its website, the tool claims to have the largest Saudi Arabia Phone Number List index of active links in the world,

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