How to use storytelling in content? Now that you know the reasons for investing in storytelling, what do you think about understanding how to put this concept into Colombia Email Address practice? Check out our tips! choose context As with any story development, some basic elements are needed in creating storytelling content. One is setting a context for that material. As good as the quality of the content is, it won’t work for the Colombia Email Address purpose of increasing sales, for example. It is necessary to create a story within a context in which the persona sees itself . Search for more information about your audience It may seem repetitive, but gathering relevant information about your audience is also critical to making your storytelling Colombia Email Address strategy work. The idea is to understand what are the emotions that must be aroused for him to be impacted and converted.

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Depending on the elements of your story, it may be easier for your target audience to relate to the message . If your audience is older, for example, made up Colombia Email Address mostly of men who are parents of young people and adults, why not explore a story that goes back to childhood and how this relationship developed over time? That same content may not Colombia Email Address work when dealing with a younger audience. Create interesting characters It is not necessary to create such deep and detailed characters, but it is essential that the reader relate to them. The hero of your story should always have some Colombia Email Address kind of relationship with your persona. On the other hand, the villain should not be a character, but a specific problem .

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If you want to convince a manager to implement a talent management software , the difficulty in finding qualified professionals can be the Colombia Email Address villain. set a goal From the moment you talk about storytelling, the goal is to achieve conversion, isn’t it? But there are different moments for a more incisive approach or not, for example. Therefore, it is important to understand which stage of the buying journey the reader is at and how your story can leverage this Colombia Email Address moment. Identify a conflict that needs resolution For a story to be truly compelling, it needs to have some challenge, problem, or situation to resolve. Ideally, try to explore stories where your solution, product or service might appear as the path to resolving the message’s core conflict. In addition to sounding more natural, it makes it easier for the Colombia Email Address reader to build a relationship with your brand.

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