Composite blog posts are a highly effective way to increase your business’ website traffic, but doing so requires Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List forethought and intentional. Learn what a composed blog post is and check out strategies to produce it. Rock Content Copywriter 15 DEC | Reading: minim increase traffic Your corporate blog is a crucial part of your company’s content marketing strategy . It brings traffic, builds relationships and Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List reinforces your website’s authority. But have you ever noticed that not every blog post performs the same? Most have a large initial stream of views, but then run out of steam. However, you may have some posts that continue to attract an increasing number of visits for months or even years after publication. Posts that increase traffic over time are called composite Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List blog posts and can have a huge impact on your business.

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Next, we’ll walk you through the process of learning about composite blog posts by covering the following topics: What are Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List composite blog posts? Composite blog posts are those that gain more and more traffic over time. They contrast with seedy blog posts, which can have a large initial spike in traffic but don’t attract many views a few months after publication. To put it another way, composite blog posts lead to an Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List increase in visits over time , while decaying blog posts decrease. It’s normal for most companies to have both types of posts. Too time-sensitive blog posts can generate a lot of interest and do a genuine good for your business, but inherently they will deteriorate. That’s because few Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List readers will care about this week’s industry news 27 months from now.

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Depending on your content marketing strategy, it’s possible that you have few (if any) composite blog posts Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List published so far. That’s okay, too, although we believe you should work to change that. According to a large survey conducted by Hub Spot of its own customer base, about one in 10 blog posts published is of the composite type. Not many, considering the whole. What are the advantages of using composite blog posts? Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List This distinction between composite and decaying blog posts is important for a few reasons, all of which relate to why your company is creating blog content in the first place. Follow up! have lifetime traffic If your goal is to increase blog traffic, a type of post that gets higher levels of Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List visits is valuable to your business.

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