We already commented in the previous topic on the importance of producing content, whether static or interactive, to help sales ennoblement and, consequently, the sales process. Interactive content can go deeper Argentina Phone Number List into this relationship, as one of its main characteristics is to interact with the public and understand them better , through data collection and observations. To give a better example, we have separated three ways to use interactive content in Argentina Phone Number List the sales ennoblement process and, with that, to win more customers. Check it out below! Marriage between Marketing and Sales The union between these two sectors can bring unimaginable results for a company that can unite Argentina Phone Number List them around a common purpose. While marketing attracts new prospects, educates them, and makes them hot leads for the sale,

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Sales are able to provide important feedback and insights that marketing couldn’t get by Argentina Phone Number List being closer to customers. That’s until the emergence of interactive content. So now, marketing also has data to figure out how the customer thinks and behaves . Apparently, this issue could become some sort of dispute, as marketing no longer relies so heavily on sales feedback to create materials Argentina Phone Number List more suited to the persona’s desires. But in fact, the interactive content enhances the interaction between the two sectors, which can now “exchange cards” about the audience and, thus, create even better content. Maximize the Argentina Phone Number List power of interactive content Interactive content is widely used at the top of the funnel, to show solutions for leads and for a first contact with the brand.

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Despite the recommendation to avoid using them involving “aggressive” sales techniques, not using interactive content at the bottom of the funnel , Argentina Phone Number List directing to sales, can be a mistake. When looking to work on lead loyalty through interactivity, marketing achieves higher conversion rates and hotter leads for the sale, especially if it takes into account the need that sales teams may have on some topic, such as an objection, for example. According to a Argentina Phone Number List survey carried out by Sirius Decisions in 2013, 70% of the content made by marketing is not used by the sales sector. It’s as if they speak different languages ​​or are part of different companies. Interactive content is the solution to this Argentina Phone Number List problem, as marketing is able to produce more valuable materials for closing sales.

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