Which impacts results and, of course, renewals. According to Murphy, in these cases, creating customer relationship initiatives is not enough . It is important Tokelau Email List to have professionals prepared to understand the company’s business and evaluate practical measures that need to be adopted so that it can achieve results. In the next topic, we are going to talk about the best practices of Customer Success. But first, some facts about Lincoln Murphy: he became a fan of our Tokelau Email List cheese and guarani bread. Professionally, he usually praises the qualities of the Brazilian market. He believes that our culture, which is more “warm”, can be useful for CS, since professionals appreciate the fact of working closer to their clients. Mainly in BIB, he explains that this posture is not always Tokelau Email List well regarded, for example, in North American companies.

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They have been using the methodology for a long time, about 20 years. In Brazil, the Tokelau Email List process is still recent, but he believes that it has evolved well. What are the best practices for CS? To close, let’s look at some important aspects for implementing Customer Success. It is worth noting that we made this selection based on interviews and texts by Murphy himself: understand the customer The first step in being Tokelau Email List  successful is figuring out what is critical to your customer’s success. The analysis, in this case, must take into account what happens at the end of his sales process. What is decisive for the transaction’s conversions? How can we help you effectively? Organize the workflow The success of the strategy, as we said at the beginning, depends on the interactions established Tokelau Email List with the customer.

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So, it is important to systematize activities in this area, organizing the work flow. The success costumer team needs to monitor the daily lives of customers, Tokelau Email List participate in their processes. It’s not enough to listen to the customer Murphy remembers that, many times, when questioning the customer about their needs, they will list the features they need in a given system. But you need to go beyond that and understand what really makes a difference in your results. A good Tokelau Email List way to do this is to map out where it needs to go. What are your goals? What results do you hope to achieve? Beware of the “happy” customer Using Saar companies as a model, Murphy found that those most likely to renew the Tokelau Email List contract are the most critical, the ones that seem most unhappy.

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