A great opportunity in this area is to bet on the Marketing of Defenders . You might be thinking that creating video content is a time-consuming and Palau Email List expensive process, as it requires skilled professionals in addition to specific equipment. However, there are thousands of people out there creating videos for a large audience of people who share a common interest. Find your brand’s promoters, or advocates, Palau Email List and bet on them to create videos that speak to your audience! In addition to being an easy strategy to share, these videos can be reused in other campaigns and other channels, such as Instagram, Twitter and blogs . If you are going to use Palau Email List your advocates to produce videos or are going to invest in an in-house production at your company, be sure to include this format in your Facebook marketing strategy .

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In addition to generating 4 times more engagement, videos will appear much more often on your audience’s timeline, increasing your fan-page’s visibility. Palau Email List What is Facebook Live The market for live streaming videos on social networks began in 2015 with Periscope and Marketeer platforms, which only integrated with Twitter. In 2016, Facebook launched its authorial live streaming platform, Facebook Palau Email List Live, which promises to revolutionize the way users and brands interact on the social network. This tool can only be used on mobile devices as it needs access to a camera and microphone. To make your live stream, just open the Palau Email List Facebook app on your smartphone and click on the Facebook live icon, which is located in the status update box. Facebook Live Features As it could not be different,

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Facebook Live came with several features that promote a special connection between users. Palau Email List For example, when one of your friends is doing a live stream, you are notified. In addition, you can invite other friends to watch a broadcast, or broadcast a video to all members of a group or event simultaneously, creating the sense of community that Facebook was based on. In addition to creating instant connections Palau Email List between users , Facebook Live also includes interactive elements during the broadcast. One of them is the “Live Reactions” functionality, where you can react to a broadcast and all reactions appear directly in the right corner of the video. That Palau Email List way, you get to know, live, what other viewers are thinking of the broadcast.

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