What are the views on conflict Conflicts can be classified into three types of view: traditional, human relations and interaction . Understand each one of Suriname Email List them! traditional view This point of view says that all conflict is bad and, as such, should be avoided. view of human relations This approach, on the other hand, states that conflict is a natural Suriname Email List consequence in any group, so it cannot necessarily be classified as bad. interaction view This perspective is the most recent and states that conflict can be a positive force, in addition to being highly necessary for the good performance of a group. We can assume, then, that there is no definition of conflicts as being positive or negative . When there is a well-done conflict Suriname Email List management, it is possible to take positive results forward and take more punctual and accurate decisions.

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Conflicts can generate new perspectives and opportunities to explore options that have Suriname Email List not previously been considered. In addition, they allow processes to be revised, in search of points for improvement and optimization. What types of organizational conflicts Organizational conflicts can be categorized into: needs and values, task, Suriname Email List relationship and process. Conflicts of needs and values , as the name implies, are those that happen when there is an impasse between the needs and values ​​of employees, teams or even corporations. Of the task they are related to the content and Suriname Email List objectives of the work. This can happen when areas do not work in common agreement, generating different objectives for each one.

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The relationship conflicts , of course, refer to the relationship, which can be interpersonal (between several people in the company) or interpersonal (when it involves Suriname Email List only one employee – as a boss, a colleague in particular). Already the process of conflict are those that Suriname Email List happen when there is a disagreement in how the work should be done. You may also be interested in these other content! Types of Leadership: 6 Top Styles and How to Identify Yours! Leadership Books: See the Top 10 to Boost Your Career How to lead a marketing team? Check out all the steps! Management Skills: which are the top 7 to be developed How to manage conflicts From the Suriname Email List moment of perception of a conflict to its resolution, there are 4 stages. Next, we break down each of the steps. stages of conflict Conflicts go through four stages until they are resolved.

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