Marketing is primarily responsible for capturing all the data from these consumers, creating databases of records in CM software . From this, consumer Anguilla Email List histories are created, showing their contact times, their purchasing preferences and a series of other strategic details. From this data, more individual or general, obtained by preference and consumption surveys, Marketing can create relationships Anguilla Email List and campaigns that are more and more adjusted. The information helps to create personas and, based on them, direct campaigns, actions and all communication that fits better with what the public expects. Develop branding strategies and actions Branding is an essential job for companies to manage their brands in the market, that is, make them become relevant, with credibility and reaching their audience. To achieve this, efforts are Anguilla Email List extensive, extensive and continuous, which requires a lot of dedication and, above all, a qualified workforce.

Seek knowledge in the basic areas

A good Marketing team is capable of developing branding actions with high capacity, primarily, because these people know what they are talking about. A team that is structured and already adapted to the brands understands the Anguilla Email List values, tone and other details that allow the development of actions that, in addition to representing the brand well, are highly capable of reaching the public and engaging. This brand management work , whether in maintaining its relevance or in efforts to advance its recognition, requires continuous application. For Anguilla Email List this, it is also necessary to understand the public, its behavior, preferences and study the way it relates to the company. How is the composition of the Marketing teams in Brazil? Even companies already established in the market Anguilla Email List needed, at some point, to go through the selection period for their Marketing team, as was the case with Rock Content.

Anguilla Email List

Seek talent for senior level leadership

The challenge lasted about four years, until the process was understood and a versatile, diverse and capable team could be structured. Realizing these difficulties, Rock Content, through Content Trends 2017 , dedicated its studies to unravel the characteristics of the Anguilla Email List Marketing teams of Brazilian companies. In this survey, around 3,600 professionals from the sector were interviewed, generating interesting data about the national market. Check out the main ones below! Composition of marketing teams According to the Anguilla Email List survey, the most cited roles in a marketing team among the participants were: Marketing Analyst (39.4%), Social Media Analyst (39.2%) and Content Manager/Producer (36.2 %). On the other hand, despite the importance of a Search Engine Optimization strategy to ensure the success of Digital Marketing Anguilla Email List actions, only 13.8% said they had an SO Analyst.

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