When you know how your brand will behave and what values ​​you want to convey to your target audience, devise strategies so that the products you already have fit into this plan. You may find that you  Finland Email List  need to transform the packaging of a product, or the way it is being sold, and even change your company logo. And take the opportunity to develop new products that speak to the ones you already have, such as accessories. 4. Use the marketing Finland Email List processes that are most aligned with your brand’s goals An important aspect to be defined is how you will advertise your company. Basically, there are two fronts in the market in this regard: online and offline. In Digital Marketing, define which tools you will use to talk more directly with your Finland Email List persona. We list below the main ones to consider

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E-mail marketing It is the sending of a series of personalized emails to the persona, according to the stage they are in the sales funnel . content marketing It consists of using Inbound Marketing Finland Email List to plan, create and promote content relevant to the persona through websites, blogs and pages on social networks. Social networks According to Rock Content’s 2017 Content Trends survey, 97% of companies in Brazil use social networks to connect with their audience. The tools they provide, together with relevant and Finland Email List excellent content posted by you, leverage sales, improve customer relationships and attract more qualified leads. The type of performance of your company must suit both the type of network that your target audience interacts with the most after all, it’s no use publishing on Facebook if your audience is on Finland Email List Instagram and the organizational goal to be achieved.

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Consider looking at at least the top three: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. In offline actions, you can use Out-of-Home media with digital advertising screens to replace old billboards, for Finland Email List example. Companies like Pepsi have increased brand visibility with this type of advertising. There is also the option of integrating the digital world with the offline world . One example is using physical promotional coupon delivery that must be activated online. Antarctica, on the other hand, promoted a campaign on television in Finland Email List which the public had to enter the company’s website to finish watching the episode of the commercial. The “ BOA Noggin ” was a strategy that aimed to increase online traffic. Identify which action will draw the Finland Email List persona’s most attention, in order to promote greater engagement with your business.

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