Here, I have the happy experience of having contact with strong and empowered people, who are proud of who Dominican Republic Email List they are and raise their flags, welcoming differences. These are people who teach me a lot, every day! Victoria Herring Designer Society poses daily challenges and one of them directly involves the individual’s authenticity. Have you ever stopped to think about how difficult it is to “be yourself”? Especially in Dominican Republic Email List certain scenarios, full of rules and standards? Therefore, as a black and LGBT woman, I highly value my experience at Rock Content. Here, I see an opening for dialogue on issues of race, gender and sexuality and I believe that my colleagues have a real perception of the importance of Dominican Republic Email List the themes and targeted actions. Small steps are trans formative and can make all the difference.

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Thais Reich Content Analyst inclusion rocks Talk about Diversity at Rock?! Well, I joined this team a little over three Dominican Republic Email List months ago, but I believe that even in this short time I can already share a little of my history at Rock. To some people it may seem like just another job, but not to me. It’s the first time I work in a city other than mine. After my law Dominican Republic Email List degree, I decided that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and work in the capital. Upon entering Rock, a feeling of security, tranquility and belonging came over me. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s Dominican Republic Email List not! I’m a diverse person, belonging to various social groups: I’m disabled, black, poor and gay, want more?! And that’s why I write this text.

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To report that here at Rock social inclusion is truly practiced, whoever you are. At Rock, since the selection process, it is Dominican Republic Email List clear that they are concerned about the candidates’ potential above all. And, of course, they believe that their culture is essential to make the company more diverse and updated in the social scenario we live in Dominican Republic Email List today. That’s why I feel happy and I’m proud to be able to work in this place, be part, feel part! I don’t get tired of divulging this reality lived in here outside. Of course, it was not me who chose Rock, but she who chose me to show that it is possible to be an inclusive, diverse and egalitarian company, even if the world sometimes uses the opposite for us. ​This is the story I would like to Dominican Republic Email List share today, even with my little time at home,

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