Size doesn’t matter Many people argue that texts for the web need to be short, precisely because of the need to be objective. Well, it depends: on the format, on Albania Email Lists the theme, on the channels, etc. There are issues that really call for a greater explanation and then sticking to size alone can exclude important information from the content and Albania Email Lists make the text rigid. The tip in this case is, instead of worrying too much about the number of characters, try to write in such a way that the reader can easily find each other throughout your content. Use and abuse topics, inter titles, illustrative images, info graphics and, in this way, make your text Annabelle . Thus, even if the content is extensive, it will be easy for the reader to Albania Email Lists find and get to exactly the point he would like to read.

What is a Marketing Team?

Offer your reader more Citing references and other links throughout the text is a great way to offer complementary content to your reader. It’s possible that you already have some material on your website or other channels that Albania Email Lists explain a certain term or concept brought up in the text, so just make that reference to them. This can also be done through the CT’s in the middle or at the end of the post, which provide additional content for those who are accessing the page. Taking this Albania Email Lists precaution is also important to resist that uncontrollable urge to write more and more. Your text doesn’t have to solve all the problems in the world, it’s ideal to stick to what the agenda is asking for, otherwise there’s the risk of being wordy, Albania Email Lists stretching and losing focus. Use the links, CT’s and references to make this add-on and make your text more accurate.

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In-house or agency marketing teams

don’t miss the details The text may be great, but if there in the middle of it the reader finds an ugly grammar error, its credibility already takes a hit. So don’t Albania Email Lists get tired of reviewing. Use the resources of your own text editor or even free websites that identify any errors. But don’t just trust them, our Portuguese language is full of traps and exceptions: keep an eye on verbal agreement, plurals, correct spelling of words. And don’t just trust your eye, which is already hooked Albania Email Lists after writing all the text, ask a colleague to review it, it’s quite common to find faults at this point. Whenever you need to write, make a checklist so you don’t forget the details. And the main thing: put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Would you like to read that content? Is it pleasant and bringing you Albania Email Lists value? Writing is also a great exercise in empathy!

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