Think about it when creating your website ! What is Elegant Themes? Elegant Themes is a company that creates Solomon Islands Email List templates and plugins for WordPress users . It is one of the most famous among website developers, operating in practically all market niches. In operation since 2009, the company has served more than 600,000 users worldwide. Today, it has around 80 professionals of various nationalities to ensure Solomon Islands Email List continuous innovation and good quality service. Over the years, Elegant Themes has released nearly 100 WordPress themes, plus several plugins . However, he recently focused greater efforts on his last two releases: Extra and Devi . To use the products, you only need to pay an annual fee Solomon Islands Email List of $89 or a one-time fee of $249 for full, lifetime access to the brand’s extensive portfolio.

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Considering that approximately 20 new themes are released every year, the most expensive plan will be ideal for those Solomon Islands Email List who work with website creation . What are the features of Elegant Themes? To help you better understand why Elegant Themes is so important for website development , we’ve broken down some of the main features available. Follow up! 1. Allows you to easily create and customize themes The Solomon Islands Email List Devi theme template is the brand’s flagship product as it offers the flexibility to create virtually any type of layout. It doesn’t matter if you are going to set up a blog , a corporate website or a virtual store, Devi allows you to develop functional pages. Plus, it offers an easier and faster way to start a project with the new and improved Devi Builder plugin . This theme builder can be used to Solomon Islands Email List  create or customize existing templates through a drag-and-drop system of elements to desired locations on pages.

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working, you can hide the header, task bars and menu bars using the full width feature. This helps to eliminate Solomon Islands Email List distractions and increase focus on what really matters. 2. Allows the performance of A/B tests Another tool worth mentioning is Devi Leads. It allows you to perform A/B tests on websites. The objective is to find out which theme templates generate the best interaction and conversion results, Solomon Islands Email List optimizing the design and content of the website. This can be done separately, without harming the pages that are already online . So if you have questions about which headline or color scheme your visitors will respond best to, Digi Leads should help resolve them. If the goal is to set up a Solomon Islands Email List  virtual store, it allows you to install specific plugins, such as Woo commerce .

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