Therefore, we will devote the rest of the text to applying the Pareto Principle to social media. Why use the Pareto Luxembourg Email List Principle for social media? How do you plan your posts on social media? If you are familiar with the concepts of content marketing , you know that it is essential to engage your audience to drive them to the point where they will make the purchase decision. Therefore, focusing your content only on Luxembourg Email List offers or sales attempts can prove to be an inefficient practice. After all, we are dealing with the 4.0 consumer . This profile is characterized by requiring brands to demonstrate personality and values ​​similar to theirs, in addition to calling for a more personal and, at the same time, digitized Luxembourg Email List . What does the Pareto Principle have to do with it?

The Importance Of Call To Action

In its application to social networks, the 80/20 rule seeks to regulate the character of your posts . According to the Luxembourg Email List principle, 80% of them must be composed of relevant content and with high potential for engagement, without worrying about offering products or offering services. The remaining 20% ​​refer to posts that are, in fact, institutional. Thus, most of the content you produce will serve to inform, educate and entertain the Luxembourg Email List  audience, while 20% will focus on brand operations. How important is it to the strategy? The application of the Pareto Principle in social networks serves as a guide for the team or professional responsible for Luxembourg Email List content production. After all, as much as social media is known for its reach, filling a profile with offers and advertising makes it look like a grocery flyer, which is not at all interesting for the customer .

Luxembourg Email List

Likewise, producing only material aimed at engaging and entertaining the public ends up characterizing your company, which may have difficulty reaffirming itself as a reliable seller. Thus, the Luxembourg Email List application of the 80/20 rule is crucial to keep your company’s online activities balanced . This is essential for a good relationship with the modern customer, who needs to feel close to the brand in order to consider it a possible source of Luxembourg Email List products or services. How to apply the principle in practice? The first step in carrying out any activity that seeks to create some kind of relationship with the audience is to define exactly who the audience is. In this way, it is much easier to generate material that achieves the proposed objective: Luxembourg Email List either engaging or selling. For this, the concept of persona is widely used.

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