In most areas of your business, it’s easy to see your revenue streams. You know which SKUs generate the most sales. You know what your sources of money are. But seeing how SEO drives more revenue isn’t as easy. Often the endless industry jargon and overwhelming amounts of data get in the way. It’s hard to make the connection. But SEO ROI can be very clearly. The link between increased revenue and your SEO efforts can be transparently demonstrated. It’s just about understanding how SEO ROI is generated and how it Jewelry Photo Service increases revenue and reduces costs at the same time.No wondering what SEO can do for you. Let’s explore the revenue that SEO can actually generate for your business. How much revenue does SEO actually generate? Much more traffic by itself does not increase revenue. If this traffic does not undertake revenue-generating actions.

It Is Uselesstraffic Is Very Important Jewelry Photo Service

There are but traffic is very important to consider when discussing SEO ROI. Here’s why.You can’t sell something to someone if they can’t find you online. If no one is visiting your blog, you cannot generate revenue from affiliate ad clicks.One of the main results of SEO is that it makes your site more visible in organic search results. These are regular search Jewelry Photo Service results, excluding ads. Over 50% of web traffic entered websites by clicking on them in organic search results.This means that websites that have invested in SEO drive over 50% of total internet traffic. Google organic traffic if they rank on the first page, they see over 90% of that traffic.

This Takes You to Page 1 Where People Jewelry Photo Service

This takes you to page 1 where people can actually see your website. Over 90% of traffic goes to the first page. About 60% go to websites in those top 3 spots.One of the first measurable indicators that you’re getting SEO ROI is that organic traffic is growing. If you explore local search results or a niche market, the percentage is often even higher.How SEO Drives More TrafficSEO does this by lifting you out of obscurity to page 10, 5 or even 2 of the search results.

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