Check out some of the main features of a tool that integrates all sectors of the agency: Document Centralization: If you still use a multitude of folders to document files related to jobs, we have good Nepal Email List news and bad news. The bad thing is that you run the risk of losing important data due to technical problems. ( Can you imagine the time spent later to retrieve all the information? ) The good news is that more modern REP systems Nepal Email List already have the preparation and archiving of important documents, such as budgets, commercial proposals, work orders, among others. Easier communication: One of the advantages of an integrated management software is that it generates automatic alerts from one department to Nepal Email List another. For example, if traffic inserts a new piece into the stream, the creative will be immediately notified.

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When it finishes the task, the traffic is again informed that the activity is ready. Imagine this automation Nepal Email List  happening across all departments? Time management : Time management is not just about finishing a task before the defined deadline. Of course this counts, but what makes the difference is having a comprehensive view of the free periods on Nepal Email List the agenda of all employees, making it simpler to distribute the tasks to each one, thus avoiding an overload of work. Does not consider the needs of an agency Working with a tool that was not developed for communication agencies is lacking in a number of requirements. The first, and perhaps the main one, is that the software was not designed to meet the specific Nepal Email List demands of each sector . The lack of well-defined and established processes by employees, the lack of data for the pricing of jobs in an assertive manner

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According to i Zoom 2018, one of the main difficulties faced by agencies is to efficiently organize customer Nepal Email List demands. In this context, the chosen tool needs to follow this flow completely: from the client’s entry into the agency to the billing of jobs. Does not integrate finance with other departments If you find it difficult to organize your agency’s finances, know that Nepal Email List you are not alone. Among other factors, this difficulty is linked to the lack of a tool that facilitates financial management, but that also takes into account all areas of the agency. Although some systems already deliver functionalities that control the inflows and outflows of financial Nepal Email List resources, most do not interconnect all sectors of the agency . That’s where the problem lies.

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