Furthermore, gaining positions in search engines is not a quick task and needs to be done consistently if you want to stay in the position reached. Regarding the investment for this type of traffic, Philippines Email List we say that it does not involve a direct cost. That’s because you don’t pay directly for the clicks of visits, but indirectly you had to spend to: have your company’s website and blog, hire professionals to produce the content and Philippines Email List rank it among other expenses to get visitors. Content strategy stage paid traffic In paid traffic, as the name implies, you need to pay for visitors to reach your company’s page . This is done through ads that contain the keywords chosen by you and, only when they click on it, you need to pay. To keep Philippines Email List your paid traffic rate constant you must always have active ads.

What Are The Disadvantages Of SPIN Selling

After all, without ads this type of traffic will go downhill from there. And to grow, it is important that each ad is suited Philippines Email List to the media in which it will be published. Investing in paid media can boost the content produced on your blog, expanding the reach of these materials, promoting your website, offering a promotion, among other options. To create the ads you can use: 1. Google Ad Words The ads created appear in search engine Philippines Email List and on Google’s partner sites . You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so if they don’t, you won’t need to pay for it. Google Ad Words allows you to do A/B testing for calls, texts and CT’s so you can figure out which type will perform better. Through competition, Ad Words ads compete Philippines Email List to appear on both the search engine and Google’s partner sites.

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The chosen one is given by the bid amount and the relevance of the site according to Google itself. Each ad is ranked Philippines Email List based on Ad Rank, which defines which ones will show based on issues such as ad quality versus keyword auction bidding. And through Google metrics , it measures the relevance and quality factors of each of the ads. In this type of Philippines Email List , it is possible to target your ad so that it is shown to a certain type of device (computers, tablets or mobile devices), to the chosen locations, making it possible to create different messages according to the location, among other options. Want to learn how to create your first Ad Words campaign? Check out our post ! 2. Facebook Ads On Facebook Ads you can create Philippines Email List ads with text, photos and videos ,

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