An example of how this can be done is to create self-browsing experiences that allow sellers to understand what content is seen as most relevant by potential customers. Thus, it is possible to find out Armenia Phone Number List which type of content is most used by them and which delivers real value to customers. Another example is Scribble Live , which created an assessment of the maturity status of users’ Content Marketing strategy: interactive content Symantec created a calculator to assess risks and possible flaws in the security system of Armenia Phone Number List computers and mobile devices. Shorter wait for return on investment As we said, interactive content allows marketing to get closer to customers, without having to wait for meetings with sales teams to Armenia Phone Number List better understand what the customer wants.

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The return does not only come to the public, which manages to find better solutions, but also to the company, which saves time and budget when using interactive content. Sharing interactive Armenia Phone Number List materials with sales enfeeblement allows them to also have new insights based on those materials , along with what they might have from being in constant contact with customers. Thus, sales teams can then be trained by sales ennoblement to focus on the pains and dreams of the audience, detected through Armenia Phone Number List the interactive content. Bonus: Search for solutions through Solution Finder The Solution Finder is a tool that determines which product or service is best for the customer, by making a Armenia Phone Number List recommendation or giving a specific answer, based on the answers that have been provided.

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The Solution Finder’s interactivity is similar to a quiz, with the difference of being more specific and providing a Armenia Phone Number List clear answer at the end of which service or product the user should use. In fact, the quiz can even be used as a Solution Finder tool, as well as calculators or tests/assessments. One example is the custom assessment that Purchasing Power created so that customers can identify which laptop is best for them. Another good model is that of Lansing, which created an interactive calculator of how Armenia Phone Number List much money readers will save if they breastfeed their babies with breast milk and not formula. These Solution Finder examples are important to show one of the benefits that interactive content can provide to sales and sales ennoblement. Want to know how to create interactive experiences Armenia Phone Number List like the ones presented in this content?

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