The agribusiness is one of the most important pillars for Brazil and is an industry that moves a considerable portion of national GDP. What happens is that, even though it is one of the sectors Malta Phone Number List that most influence our economy, a large number of ago companies fail to take advantage of opportunities to do more business . The digital marketing is not new to anyone. The internet is full of content, and all the time we come across Malta Phone Number List advertisements and messages in which companies try to communicate with their audience. However, when compared to other markets, agribusiness is still far behind in online marketing . We know that the ago public still finds a lot of information on TV, Radio, magazines and events, but the internet is the fastest growing medium in terms of Malta Phone Number List searching for information in this sector.

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If you want to understand more about the opportunities that agribusiness companies have to grow in the Malta Phone Number List digital world and also know what some market players are already doing, keep reading this article. Digital Marketing Opportunities in Agribusiness Imagine an immense land, where there is an immeasurable amount of land to expand your production. This is the scenario of digital marketing in agribusiness . Unlike Malta Phone Number List other sectors, such as technology or retail, there are few ago companies that use a structured digital marketing strategy. In this context, we were able to identify an opportunity. With less competition, it’s easier for pioneering companies to step forward and stand out in the digital world. The Malta Phone Number List idea of ​​positioning yourself well on the internet goes far beyond just following a trend.

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Imagine an event 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where you can have your booth any way you want, and you Malta Phone Number List can share and chat with your audience during all that time: that’s the feeling the internet provides. There are even those who say that the ago public is not on the internet, but the numbers show the opposite. According to a survey by Se brae , carried out in 2017, 71% of rural micro-business owners and 85% of small Malta Phone Number List business owners in the countryside use smartphones in their daily lives. In addition , the 2017 GIBE Agricultural Census indicates that there was an increase of 1790% in the number of producers with internet access from 2006 to 2017. where to start That digital marketing is already an important Malta Phone Number List new means of relating to customers and attracting new buyers, we have already discussed.

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