People have access to all kinds of entertainment in the palm of their hand, together in the same device, whether playing games, listening to music, watching videos or taking pictures. participatory kuwait Email List culture It is in this realm of convergence that consumer power becomes clearer. Strategies are used that call consumers to an action, actively participating in the construction of new content. This is observed, for example, in reality shows kuwait Email List when the public votes to decide something, like the elimination of a participant or what will be the next challenge. collective intelligence The concept coined by Pierre Levy is used within the convergence culture through the perception that, alone, nobody knows everything. However, when a group kuwait Email List meets to discuss a certain subject, knowledge is combined and, consequently, intellectual capacity is increased. This becomes quite noticeable in discussion forums .

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In addition to these concepts, it was from the convergence culture that some very important strands emerged, kuwait Email List such as trans media and cross media. You might be interested in these other content on digital transformation and marketing! Marketing 4.0: what it is and how to make the transition from traditional to digital Cultural intelligence: what is it, benefits and how to develop? Know the 4 Cs of marketing and their kuwait Email List importance! Digital Transformation and Marketing Consumer 4.0: have you prepared to serve it? Trans media The trans media strategy happens when different messages, relating to the same universe, are shared in different media and in a way that complements the original content. Think of it as an kuwait Email List example in the Harry Potter saga. When books gave rise to movies, we can call it an adaptation.

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However, it was when the author began to develop other aspects of this universe, with the creation of the Potter more website and the release of films and books that expanded the original theme, kuwait Email List  that she used the trans media strategy. cross media Cross media , in turn, is when the same content is shown in different media, but without changing kuwait Email List what it is reporting — just adapting to the medium that is being shown. As an example, we can consider football matches. Transmission on the Internet, TV or radio will not change the content. How can it be applied to marketing? Put aside the old conceptions of how to do marketing and take advantage of the new opportunities that the convergence culture offers you. It’s more important kuwait Email List than ever to know who your persona is and who you’re planning your actions for.

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