When everyone is settled, ask them to remember the initial formation of the group, considering the memorization of Paraguay Email List their colleagues who were next door, and ask them to form the original circle again, without leaving the cardboard. 4. Balloon dynamics Very suitable for younger teams, this group dynamic helps to develop healthy competitiveness and teamwork , making it possible to define defense and attack Paraguay Email List strategies , considering the collaboration of everyone. The first step in putting this strategy into practice is to separate 2 teams, preferably by different colors. Each participant in the dynamic will receive 2 balloons and a rope to tie them around their waist. After this part, each of them must try to pop, Paraguay Email List with their hands, the largest number of balloons of the opposing team, while defending their own.

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The team that pops all of the opposing team’s balloons first wins. 5. Dynamics of similarities The similarity Paraguay Email List dynamic is also a simple and quick activity. It helps to develop empathy , communication skills and unity among employees , allowing them, during their routine, to be able to work together, with respect, patience and tolerance. In this dynamic, divide the participants into pairs or trios, depending on the people who will Paraguay Email List participate in the activity. Once the division is established, ask them to talk to each other about professional and personal tastes. During this process, pairs are encouraged to write down at least 2 or 3 traits and abilities they have in common. This activity will also help to identify among employees: they Paraguay Email List can come together through these shared characteristics, and may even find ways to take advantage of these common features in their work routine.

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Dynamics of observation In this dynamic, the development of observation skills on a daily basis is worked , allowing Paraguay Email List participants to learn to observe each other, and pay attention to the details of the company. Bring the participants together in a room, forming a circle. Then ask them to close their eyes. That done, it’s time to start asking questions. The manager Paraguay Email List responsible for coordinating the action will raise some questions related to the members. For example: “who is wearing a yellow blouse or who is wearing a green shirt?”. Participants who remember the answers should raise their hand, considering that the first to speak will always have priority. This way, for each correct answer, the participant gets a point, and the Paraguay Email List one who finishes the game with the highest score wins a prize.

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