It is also necessary to identify which aspects it is possible to work on to improve customer service, products and services. Therefore, using tools that give voice to your customers is essential, as Papua New Guinea Email List based on this feedback, effective actions will be designed to improve results. What did you think of this content? Have you used BPS in your organization? Share your experiences and leave your comment in this post! Play a Papua New Guinea Email List song and, while the melody rocks, instruct the collaborators to pass the box to the colleague next to it. When the music stops, it’s time for the participant with the box to choose one of the following possibilities: Papua New Guinea Email List meet the challenge that was presented; nominate a colleague to fulfill this challenge; pass the box on. What to consider then?

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The person who chooses to take the challenge earns 3 points for their team. When the challenge is not performed, the Papua New Guinea Email List participant is excluded from the game and the group is penalized, losing 4 points. With each new round, new challenges appear, and each group has the right to deny 3 challenges. The fourth time, whoever picks up the box has the obligation to perform the challenge. In the last challenge, it’s Papua New Guinea Email List interesting to insert some small treat, like a box of chocolates. The person who stays in the last round can decide whether to split with just their team or with the whole group. You may also be interested in these contents! Accountability: know the ability to take responsibility and its importance in Papua New Guinea Email List companies Performance evaluation: guide to apply in your company Organizational Development.

Papua New Guinea Email List

What is it and how does it work? 3. Hand in hand dynamics The dynamics of holding hands aims to improve Papua New Guinea Email List the perception of group work . In it, employees will be able to identify that they can really be more productive and strategic when they combine their skills with their colleagues and commit to working more closely together. This is a very quick and simple exercise. To get started, gather the group in a room Papua New Guinea Email List and ask everyone to form a circle holding hands. Each participant must be instructed to memorize who is on their right and left sides. After that, it’s time to ask the team to disperse, walk around the room, talk and get distracted. Then place a large, colored cardboard on the floor of the room, Papua New Guinea Email List right in the center of the space, and ask participants to stand on or around this material.

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