If you are interested in knowing more about how the chat bot for Whats App Business Solution works and its New Zealand WhatsApp Number List advantages, click here . 3. Integrate Whats App into your CM Did you know that you can connect Whats-app to your CM system via the API and easily integrate the messaging app with the rest of your customer service infrastructure? For that, the ideal is that your company acquires a CM service that allows New Zealand WhatsApp Number List this integration with Whats App. Through this functionality, conversations made by Whats App with its customers are easily entered into the CM, where everyone involved in sales can consult them whenever they want. In other words, service via Whats App is an ally not only to offer a New Zealand WhatsApp Number List better customer experience, but also to help your company sell more.

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Employees involved in sales will be able to use information given by the customer in the contact via Whats-app to New Zealand WhatsApp Number List  offer products and services that complement those already purchased or new needs informed by them. 4. Unlike email, you don’t need to be formal A company that offers service via Whats App is nestled among the messages of the customer’s friends and family. Make sure you behave like them! Keep your New Zealand WhatsApp Number List  tone casual 95% of users use emojis and prefer a casual tone. Companies can gain confidence by putting formality aside and authentically interacting with their customers. 5. Get creative with multimedia explanations Whats App Business Solution gives companies the option of using different media formats for customer service. Everyone is familiar with New Zealand WhatsApp Number List these features sending and receiving GIF, images, videos, voice messages, etc.

New Zealand WhatsApp Number List

These can be a great benefit in customer service and can help employees answer complex questions visually or in New Zealand WhatsApp Number List more detail. Another convincing point is that the use of multimedia brings companies closer to their customers, communicating with them in a more natural and accessible way. Want to know more? Check New Zealand WhatsApp Number List out the article “Whats App Business: how does this new business communication tool work?” and discover the advantages and possibilities of this tool to start using it. 6. The ideal service via Whats App should offer automation + specialization A strenuous number of customer orders are constantly being repeated. To solve these common problems, the service chat bot helps by saving New Zealand WhatsApp Number List employees time and company resources.

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