It should point out the relevant data, containing neither too much nor too little information. Data that is not of Sri Lanka Email Database extreme importance can be left out. Not doing a competitor analysis If you don’t draw a profile of your client’s competitors, you won’t be able to see what difference your account has in your hands. Define the main direct and indirect competitors, as well as their products, services provided, prices charged Sri Lanka Email Database by them in the market, including promotions, discounts and bonuses. About the products, analyze their quality and the positive and negative points. Also enter the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. This part is important to highlight your customer’s differentials and also Sri Lanka Email Database realize where he may be sinning.

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The campaigns and media they use are also important points, as well as their creative lines and successful Sri Lanka Email Database actions that can restrict the creation of their own pieces and be more assertive. Also address the reputation of competing customers. Not including enough information It is necessary to be very careful with this topic, which goes against item 2, that of not making a model too large. We have already mentioned that it is Sri Lanka Email Database important that it contain neither too little nor too much information. Your model should not be tiring, long and with unimportant data. In return, it’s important that you consider what you can put into your draft so that no important observations go unnoticed. The more relevant data Sri Lanka Email Database you add, the more strategic your actions can be in achieving your customer’s goal.

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So, a common mistake might be that you don’t look up all the enough information and end up not putting in all the Sri Lanka Email Database necessary data. Why is a briefing so important? In addition to knowing WHAT TO DO and also WHAT NOT TO DO when producing it, it is important to know the importance of planning this. It is about strengthening the relationship between the agency and the client, as it gathers the relevant information for the Sri Lanka Email Database production of the account’s jobs. It is this information that will guide your agency about the work to be developed. Let’s approach everyday life with an example to make it easier to understand. Let’s say you are looking Sri Lanka Email Database for a blue blouse to buy. You go to a store and ask the seller for a blue blouse.

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