I send if it’s not JUST new blog posts? So here are 15 ideas of what you can send in your email newsletter. 1. Start with a welcome series You have a couple of new subscribers. They were lured onto your list by an amazing gift you offered. But chances are they don’t know much about you. You must send regular newsletters, or your subscribers will forget they subscribed to you. If that happens, they will be even more annoyed when you send an email after a while. To open the conversation, start building the relationship, you can send them a couple of emails. Here is an example to give you an idea: Start with a welcome email, say hello, and tell them a little about yourself and what brought you to where you are today. Ask them a question, you can even add a poll; this helps you get more information about your subscribers and helps you provide the information they want to get.

If you get a ton of new subscribers, you can even segment your list with responses Add something of value to your next email. Whatever gift they received when they signed up, add extra information, a little trick or tweak related to the gift. You can even send another gift 2. Your new blog posts I recently read that you shouldn’t send information about your new blog posts if you only send this type of newsletter. I do not agree! You may not be using the full power of your newsletter if you ONLY send out your blog posts, and I agree that most of the time you’ll see better results if you also offer exclusive information to your subscribers. But some people DO subscribe to blog posts through a newsletter for the simple reason that they like getting new posts delivered to their inbox.

I Am One Of These People

I subscribe to blogs because I like to read them and I want to know what topics they cover. And when I like the topic, I open the newsletter and click on the link. Also, your newsletter can easily become one of your biggest traffic sources, and it will be a very high converting traffic source. Hey, before you read on, we Georgia whatsapp number list  have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG So your new blog posts are a great email idea for your newsletters. 3. Quick tips and tricks When you have to send a newsletter regularly, the question is always: if I have to send that many newsletters, what the heck should I send if it’s not JUST new blog posts?

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Here are 15 ideas of what you can send in your email newsletter. In addition to sending out new blog posts, you can use the newsletter to provide additional value in the form of some quick tips and tricks. If you discovered a new tool or trick that gave you great results, but maybe the information isn’t big enough to make it into a blog post. If it’s valuable: send out a newsletter, your subscribers will be grateful for a quick tip. 4. An old blog post This can be a link to an older but perennial and very popular post, or it can turn an older post into an email. This is a great way to reuse your old content. Additional product information Some subscriptions come from offering a free version of a product or downloading a trial version.

In That Case You Should Take

The opportunity and offer additional information about the product. An introductory video A guide case studies Customer Reviews. You don’t want to leave your most interested prospects out in the rain, do you?  Invitations to free events, webinars Webinars and free online courses are part of many sales funnels. You will, of course, invite your subscribers to your own online events. But you can go one step further and build partnerships with other bloggers and business owners. Invite people to your events. Or use this to market affiliate products. Many of the “big name” bloggers and marketers co-host webinars – the co-host typically earns money for every new customer they gain for the promoted product.

Many new bloggers and businesses are so afraid of upsetting. Their subscribers that they fail to use the full power of their list. And then they don’t have enough ideas for the emails they can send. Here are some ideas for your emails to help you.  Email marketing #salesfunnel #newsletter #listbuilding #leadnurturing #emaillist. But you can also just form partnerships and exchange an invite – this is also an awesome way to grow your email list! Ask questions, take a survey Communicate with your audience. Ask a question once in a while. It will help you better understand your audience. Get new ideas for posts and products, and help you build rapport. You can even set up a survey to get even more information.

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