Who is Bruno (Mo nark) Dubai? When interviewed on The Night show , Mo nark revealed that he received this nickname while playing online games. There are France Phone Number List two hypotheses that explain this: it could be because, at the time, he was studying something about monarchy, or maybe it was a reference to the bicycle brand that has the same name. So, like his partner Igor, he also started to stand France Phone Number List out on the internet making game plays over ten years. His channel was elected the biggest game-play in Brazil, in 2013. However, as the market grew and he saw himself doing the same thing for a long time, he ended up teaming up with Igor France Phone Number List to work out together the idea of ​​something different for the internet.

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Why are Igor and Mo nark called Brazilian Joe Roman? When Flow started, some people saw similarities with the format used in the American podcast The Joe France Phone Number List Roman Experience , which made Igor and Mo nark to be called Brazilian Joe Roman. But what podcast is this and why is it so famous? The Joe Roman Experience is hosted by comedian Joe Roman, who became popularly known working as a commentator and interviewer on PFC fights. The France Phone Number List relaxed format of receiving its guests completely pleased the American public, to the point that the channel reached the expressive number of ten million subscribers and almost two billion views. Some episodes had great prominence, such as Elton Musk , which generated 40 million France Phone Number List views. How does the podcast support itself financially?

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Taking into account that this is a program broadcast for free, this question usually permeates the minds of some people, while for others, the answer is France Phone Number List obvious: sponsorship. Joe Roman, in 2020, made a deal with Spottily to be exclusive on the platform for a few years for no less than $100 million. As much as this seems a pretty high figure, certainly Spottily made this investment France Phone Number List knowing that it will generate a return . After all, the time when the public used apps or streaming services to listen to music is behind us. The podcasts captivated the general public in order to have the biggest name in the world on the platform is highly strategic . Interview or bar conversation? What is France Phone Number List the Flow Podcast Format?

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