According to Rack ham’s work, the SPIN Selling methodology should be applied in four stages: opening, investigating (based on SPIN questions), demonstrating capacity and obtaining Portugal Email Lists commitment . Understand what must be done in each of these steps below. 1. Opening Of course, your negotiation needs a start, which is nothing more than the opening of a dialogue between you and your future potential customer. In big sales in Portugal Email Lists which a long period of meetings, discussions and definitions is expected this step can be considered of little relevance, after all, it is the way in which the relationship will be built that really matters. However, no matter what business you are dealing with, this is where first impressions are formed, so it’s Portugal Email Lists good to be prepared to start your approach off on the right foot. The first contact can be made by email, telephone,

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In all cases, a few recommendations can help make this approach successful. Let’s see. Be brief There is no Portugal Email Lists reason to delay this first step. Keep in mind that most of the time your prospect is still not very involved with the solution you offer, and even if he is, it’s a good idea to wait for him to signal this. Therefore, avoid long presentations or repetitions , Portugal Email Lists explain the reason for your contact or meeting highlighting the customer’s pain and needs, not your offer and try to be brief, avoiding arguments that encourage too many questions. don’t talk about your business It’s not yet time to talk about your product or service, no matter how obvious your solution Portugal Email Lists may seem under your prospect’s circumstances. Remember that the purpose of SPIN Selling is to help the customer to draw their own conclusions.

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The conversation must always be focused on the customer’s universe , even if it is short. Don’t forget that in Portugal Email Lists this type of approach you shouldn’t be perceived as a salesperson, but as a consultant in your industry. Make a commitment to the next steps Here’s the purpose of this first contact: You need to make it clear to your prospect that you want to start a business conversation, and the best way to do that is to set up a next Portugal Email Lists contact or meeting the customer can also choose to move forward immediately, but this is not very common. Note that by confirming the invitation, your customer clearly demonstrates that they are open to Portugal Email Lists negotiation . With this “opening”, the light is green to continue your SPIN Selling process.

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